Google’s “Project Tango” Smartphone Mapping Technology

Google’s “Project Tango” Smartphone Mapping Technology

Google’s “Project Tango” Plans on MirroringHuman Vision with Superior Depth, Clarity and Realism on Smartphones and Other Mobile Media .

Google’s “Project Tango”

Technology is an ongoing research based field where one does not simply stop at the achievement of a new innovation. It is this constant need and drive for achieving higher levels which has encouraged Google to initiate a monumental research project called “Project Tango” Google’s “Project Tango”.

Google's "Project Tango"

Google’s “Project Tango”

This project aims at introducing 3D vision technology which has huge implications in applications such as gaming, providing navigation guidance to visually challenged people and mapping indoors. The project’s agenda holds revolutionary potential which, if successful, could redefine the way we see, use and operate our smartphones today.

What is Project Tango?

Project Tango is an attempt at achieving something that could never have been deemed even approachable some years back. The project has been created for researching ways by which smartphones could be used for realistic 3D mapping and enhancing virtual experiences like never before. The implications are huge as it would allow us to make full usage of our surroundings. Just imagine the level of interaction and Google’s “Project Tango”.

Google's "Project Tango"

complexity that games would be able to provide should this technology get developed and integrated with smartphones. More than mere entertainment, this could prove to be a viable tool for guiding visually challenged people to move around closed spaces, thereby reducing their dependency on manual support by a considerable degree. Google’s “Project Tango”.

The project’s scope of research does not simply conclude at this milestone. Collaborative work between companies who are at the verge of cutting edge innovations is also a key requirement in this project as the need to use the combined expertise of all participants is crucial for even attempting to achieve this ambitious goal Google’s “Project Tango”.Google's "Project Tango"

Myriad 1 – The Heart of The Proposed 3D Mapping System

Myriad 1, a low power chip capable of processing vision, is a key component in Project Tango as it is capable of processing and managing digital vision algorithms without draining the phone’s battery. The design of the chip has Google’s “Project Tango”Google's "Project Tango"

Google's "Project Tango"

been done by Movidius which has developed a custom architecture for it. It is this custom design that has made the team hopeful that the 3D mapping feature could be feasibly installed on smartphones as the current chips as well as the processing systems available on mobile devices would drain the battery heavily, thereby rendering it as ineffective.Google’s “Project Tango”

Meet the Prototype!

Yes, this is true. A prototype 5 inch smartphone phone has been developed with Android OS that has custom hardware and software configurations. Smartphones like this prototype would be equipped with sensors that are capable of making1.4 million measurements per second for updating every technical detail associated with the position as well as rotational motion of the mobile device. However, it could take a long time before we see this device in the market. The commercial product would have to be highly accurate with absolutely no bugs for this new technology to be accepted by the public.Google’s “Project Tango”

Google's "Project Tango"

Who Comprise the Project Tango’s Team?

Project Tango is a collaborative venture where cutting edge developers and innovators are more than welcome to provide their inputs to the concept. The core group comprises Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) which was a part of Motorola Mobility.Google’s “Project Tango”

Google's "Project Tango"

Google's "Project Tango" However, Google retained this exclusive unit for its own R&D interests when Motorola Mobility was sold off. ATAP was a skunkworks division associated with Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) while it was a part of Motorola.Other partners who have become an integral part of the project include eminent researchers from George Washington University, Open Source Robotics Foundation, University of Minnesota and Bosch (a German tech organization). Movidius, the creator of Myriad 1, is also a key partner in the project and is responsible for supplying the most important part of the entire system – the processing chip that can be used feasibly on mobile devices.Google’s “Project Tango”

Probable Applications of 3D Vision Smartphones

If this project were to go through with the intended application, then it could be used in a wide range of applications including mapping the interiors of your house / office for making accurate purchase decisions for furniture, finding the exact location of a product in mega store outlets, playing games such as hide ‘n seek with virtual characters, etc. Google's "Project Tango"

However, the most profound implication is being expected for people who are visually challenged. Usually such people need time to get used to their surroundings so that every nook and corner may be memorized. The 3D vision smartphone could save such tedious effort for them wherein they would be able to navigate in any space irrespective of whether they are familiar with it or not.Google’s “Project Tango”

Remi El-Ouazzane, CEO of Movidius, expressed, “Project Tango is truly a ground-breaking platform and we look forward to seeing the innovation the developer community achieves. Google has paved the future direction for smart mobile vision systems and we’re excited to be working with a company that shares our vision to usher in the next wave of applications that fundamentally alter how a mobile device is used to experience the world around us”.It is safe to say that this technology will be a major breakthrough in digital processing systems and with Google’s support, the applications of this device would transcend current limitations of mobile technology implementations.Google’s “Project Tango”

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