GOQII Life – Fitness Band With A Human Element

GOQII Life – Fitness Band With A Human Element

GOQII Life - Fitness Band

We tested the GOQII Life – Fitness Band in real life conditions and with detailed examinations and analysis have arrived on a conclusion which we would like to present in our GOQII Review.

What is GOQII?

Year 2014 was the year of wearable technology where we saw many wearable techno devices being launched and among them was the GOQII Fitness band found by Mr.Vishal Gondal (founder of Indiagames). GOQII tracks our fitness and performance like any other fitness band but unlike others there are coaches monitoring our performance. Human element involved with wearable technology is an interesting combination where you are being guided by experts and the users get a more personalized feel where a connection with the device is established.

How Does GOQII Work?

GOQII Band Easy to Use

GOQII is easy to use and looks great when you wear. It will require you to download it’s app which is available on Android and ios. The band syncs with your smart phone via bluetooth and tracks you fitness performance on the basis of steps you took during the day, the calories you burnt etc. All the tracked data is sent to the coach via the app and then your coach interacts with you via instant messaging. It has a sleep feature too that actually monitors you sleeping hours. There is another fun thing with GOQII that you can earn “Karma Points” for good performance which GOQII Team donates on your behalf for various social causes. It is actually a great step where your fitness will result in social good.

How Does GOQII Feel?

GOQII looks cool and feels awesome, the lightweight band looks trendy and is available in various colors. The screen is bright and the band can even be used as a watch.You don’t have to worry if your band gets wet while sweating or a shower as the GOQII team made it water resistant. Battery life could have been better though it lasted 2 days.


  • Water Resistant
  • Looks Cool
  • Karma Points


  • Can’t be used without App
  • Currently available in India Only

How much does the GOQII Cost?

There are GOQII plans that cost Rs. 11,999/- for 12 months, Rs. 6,999/- for 6 months and Rs. 3,999/- for 3 months.

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