Green Technology for House Construction

Green Technology for House Construction

Green Technology for House Construction

Green Technology for House Construction‘Going green’ is the new phrase being used by one and all. The green technology is here with a bang as people are realizing the need to go green. The construction companies too are labeling their properties as green. Is it really eco friendly, or just a gimmick to attract people who are aware of the damages done by other technologies?

There is a system of checking the green technology in the building industry. There are certain guidelines that should be met to label a property as green. The National Green Building Standard created by The National Associate of Home Builders (NAHB) is basically a point system. Points are given for every step of construction that utilizes certain building techniques as well as materials used during the construction of the house. Some techniques and materials score more over others, based on the percentage of these details your house can be labeled as green. The higher the percentage, the higher the certification of green built home will be awarded to the house.

Here are some points that can be followed for a greener home.

Site Design

The lesser the invasive techniques used the better. Try to use the natural energies like solar or wind to the utmost, protecting trees, working with natural slope etc.

Building Material

They are rated according to their efficiency and use of recyclable products. Some materials that can be used are recycled steel or wood, farm grown wood, plastic roof tiles etc.

Energy Efficient Insulation System

Try using the natural energies or other energies to get effective results.

Water Conservation

Water can be conserved and recycled using various technologies. Some of them are rain water harvesting, gray water recycling, foot pedal sinks and so forth.

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