Heads-Up Tech Now Available for Cars – Access All Data on Your Car’s Windshield

Heads-Up Tech Now Available for Cars – Access All Data on Your Car’s Windshield

Heads-Up Tech for Cars

All of you who have wished for one of those sci-fi cars which have an active heads-up display, you wishes have finally been granted. Apparently, this technology isn’t new as it used to be offered only to a reserved few (trained jet pilots). The commercial application of this technology was brought out in This year’s CES where various carmakers have already installed the digital heads-up tech now available for cars display. With these displays you can get details that include speed, directions, notifications like text messages, and Facebook alerts.

The heads-up technology has generated an argument between carmakers and safety advocates where each faction has a valid point but no conclusion can be reached as of now. The car makers believe that getting all the data in the heads-up display would reduce the need for fumbling around with the mobile devices and ensure fewer distractions while driving.

Heads-up technology

Safety advocates, however, believe that the icons and the information in the display would distract drivers and move their attention away from the road. In a way, this could be a possibility, but there is no concrete evidence to support the fact this would be the sole cause of distractions. As of now, people get distracted even when they are using their phones for calling or using GPS directions.

Hyundai, Volvo and BMW are already offering informative displays on select models where full colour warnings, animated blips and other vital info is displayed across the windshield. Obviously this has been included in cars that come with an expensive price tag. In time, this technology would become much more “affordable’ and this would cause widespread implementation despite the absence of a proper and definitive safety report. There is a certain amount of risk in this technology, but for the tech-lover, it could be a challenge to convince him about it.

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