Here Comes Spiderman On PlayStation 4

Here Comes Spiderman On PlayStation 4

Spiderman video games are much older than the Spiderman movies, with Atari being the first one to develop a game way back in 1982 on its Atari 2600 platform. Since then there have been a lot of Spiderman games on several platforms. The first Spiderman game to be introduced by PlayStation was 17 years back that was in the year 2000. After the first ever movie on the titular character in 2002, the craze for the video games has been shooting by the day.

To continue to meet the surging excitement, Sony announced the development of the newest PS4 Spiderman game being developed by Insomniac Games at the E6 2016. The date of release has not been finalized yet, but the launch would be in 2018. At the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017, Sony released another trailer of the game.

Spiderman on PlayStation 4

The game although is not connected to the newest Spiderman movie of 2016, this was confirmed on a blog of PlayStation. The game developer company Insomniac Games said the PS4 game is inspired by the Ultimate Spiderman Comics and Peter Parker would a 23-year-old experienced guy in crime fighting. In the official Disney fan club D23, it was revealed, the game would not cover the backstory of Spiderman and rather would focus on the gameplay.

The awaited PS4 game would be an open world game for which the Insomniac Games claim that it is the biggest game map they have so far created.

Although 2 trailers have been released so far it is still difficult to anticipate what all is in store for the game lovers. Well, whatever there would be, it is time to all set to rock with the newest Spidey game on your PS4. We will soon hit the countdown to the most awaited unraveling of the decade, once the official dates are confirmed.

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