Home Theater Review: Top 3 Systems That Define Acoustic Excellence

Home Theater Review: Top 3 Systems That Define Acoustic Excellence

Home Theatre Review

Why does a person buy a home Theater system? Its simple – to enjoy Theater like acoustics at the comfort of his home and without having to pay for the overly priced munchies. Sound technology has evolved over the years and has come a long way from the traditional speaker system that had been developed as a means of audio output.

Home Theater Review

People today tend to check out each and every home Theater review before arriving at a decision. It can be difficult to select one amongst the multitude of choices. Here is a roundup of the top 3 home Theater systems to make your task a bit easier. Every one of these systems has achieved a 5 star rating so rest assured that you would be getting systems that define acoustic excellence.

SonyBDV-N590 Home Theatre Review Sony BDV-N590

This is a top of the line home Theater system by Sony which can be summed up as a high performance entertainment package. The Magnetic Fluid technology used in the speakers allows sound to be reproduced in the most pristine form without any distortions. It is also capable of perfectly reproducing videos with rich picture quality.

With 1000W output in a 5.1 Channel HD setting, you would be able to enjoy music in an enhanced state where every note will touch your heart. Just imagine the feeling when you are introduced to acoustic excellence in the form of vivid surround sound and enhanced audio experience.

Even the design of the system has been created in such a way that it would complement any setting. Moreover, the system has a built in Wi-Fi receiver which allows it to easily connect to the internet and provide unmatched online entertainment as well.

In terms of picture quality and video rendering, you can play 2D and 3D Blu Ray Discs with excellent HD picture quality. Even DVDs can be viewed at exceptionally high visual quality due to the presence of image enhancers. So you can expect a visual extravaganza when you play your favourite movies and videos in this amazing home Theater system. With a sleek design, brushed metal finish and mountable rear speakers, the Sony BDV-N590 is a perfect addition to any entertainment setting.

Sonos Playbar

Home Theatre Review Sonos Playbar

Just like its tagline suggests, this is indeed “the soundbar for music lovers”. The first thing that you notice about this amazing sound system is its simple minimalistic design which houses 9 speakers that have powerful output. This enables it to complement HD televisions with HiFi sound quality.

The entire system is easy enough to set up as it requires just a power cord and an optical cord to operate. The rest of the things are taken care by means of wireless connections. This means that you can add boost systems and single speakers, and connect them wirelessly to this central sound bar. No longer would you have to limit the placement of the speakers and accessories due to fidgety wires.

In terms of control, you get good versatility from the device as it can be controlled with your TV remote and with a dedicated app that’s lets you modify the settings and pretty much do anything you want. The app is currently available for android, iPhone and iPad.

Sonos Playbar

Home Theatre Review Yamaha YSP-3300

Now this is a home Theater system with a difference. The moment you turn this behemoth on, you would realize that this system delivers true 7.1 channel surround sound. Most systems claim to provide virtual surround sound, but with the Yamaha YSP-3300, you get the real deal.

The construction of the system is made in a way that allows 16 array speakers and 2 woofers to be included in a simple and minimalistic design. The subwoofers can be connected wirelessly and this allows greater flexibility in terms of placement. The Optional accessory (YIT-W12) is useful for connecting iPhone, iPad and your computer so that you can enjoy your music without worrying about connectivity issues.

In terms of technology, this device really takes things up by several notches. The advanced YST technology provides rich bass which adds texture and depth to the audio. The IntelliBeam™ technology analyses the surrounding area and automatically sets the optimal sound field. All of this results in an expansive surround sound experience that is second to none.

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