How To Charge Your Smartphone In A Right Way

How To Charge Your Smartphone In A Right Way


Recently a news flashed about the first ever battery-free mobile phone made in the US. It reaps power from the nearby radio signals or light. It is the first prototype of an ongoing research and we hope, we get battery-free phones soon. Well, till then we need to live with batteries and chargers.

Charging your smartphone is as important as feeding yourself. Just like us, our phones also need the energy to survive and it requires a battery for that. With performing all the complex operations of a computer or a laptop, the battery requirement for a smartphone has enhanced.

We take all precautions and measures to make our phones last long but we do not give much attention to the battery of the phone. Here are a few tips of charging your phone battery which would make the battery live longer and eventually making your phone endure.

Do Not Charge Them 100%

Do not charge them 100%

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Lithium batteries are not supposed to be charged fully to 100%. Also if your charge your phones to 100%, it will reduce the life of the battery. Next, if it drops below 50%, you can charge your phone and make sure the battery stands at more or at 50%. On the other extreme, try the battery doesn’t fall under 20%.

A Full Battery Charge

A full battery charge

Although charging the phone battery full affects the life of it, you can charge the full battery once in a month. This helps the battery to recalibrate. It is similar to rebooting your computer system.

Overnight Charging

Overnight charging

This is a habit that most of us are into. Our schedules do not let us charge the phone batteries through the day, leaving us with the only option to charge it all night. A couple of hours and the battery gets fully charged but we are asleep and there is no way to turn off the switch. This results into overheating and which is a typical issue with lithium batteries. The best way not to get into this situation is, put your phone on charging as soon as you are back to your home.

Cheap Substitutes

Cheap substitutes

Always use the original charger that you got along with your phone. In case you have lost it or the original charger gets out of order, you should get a charger that is approved by the phone manufacturer.

Avoid Using Third-Party Battery Apps

Avoid using third-party battery apps

Avoid using third-party battery apps. Most of them affect battery life negatively as they constantly run in the background, aggressively shut down other apps; some take over the lock screen to load advertisements and even recommend apps that will further optimize your smartphone. Also, do not fall for the browser ads that con you into installing an app because your phone is “apparently” low on memory.

Keep Your Smartphone Cool

Keep your smartphone cool

Another thing that will damage your smartphone’s battery is heat. Smartphone batteries are sensitive to heat and can actually get damaged or worse, explode at you. Thus, if you notice your smartphone heating up when it’s charging up then unplug it until it cools down. If you are outside in the sun then keep it covered, it will protect your battery.

Buy Power Banks That Promise Protection

Power Bank


To back up your phone battery invest in power banks that promise protection against voltage surge, short circuit, over-current and over charging. These features ensure that the battery pack lasts longer, and they also protect your phone’s battery from overcharging and heating.

Try Removing  Phone’s Protective Case While Charging

Try removing the phone's protective case while charging

It is recommended that you remove the phone’s protective case while charging. It is natural for the battery to become slightly warm, but the case may act as a barrier and slow down heat dissipation. If possible, flip the phone over and place it on a soft cloth to protect the display.

Considering these tips would help you get the best of your phone battery.

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