How to Download Windows 10 Mobile On Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphones

How to Download Windows 10 Mobile On Xiaomi Mi4 Smartphones

Do you have a Xiaomi Mi4 smartphone? If you do, then you are in for a treat as Windows 10 mobile is all set to come out for this smartphone as part of an experiment that the company wishes to conduct on a few devices. Last week, Microsoft had released Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Android devices which allows Xiaomi Mi4 owners to install and run the unreleased mobile OS.

This is not an official rollout by the company. Microsoft has partnered with Xiaomi to beta test the new OS before a final commercial version is brought out in the market. Only a few select Xiaomi Mi4 users in Beijing (China) would get the Windows 10 Mobile ROM which would allow them to install the new OS in their Android device. The company had shared that only 10 such ROMs would be brought out. The beta ROM has already been seeded out to select users.

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Before you assume that it would be easy to get your hand on this ROM, then let me break it to you that these ROMs are password protected. As a result, only a few users will be able to access it. Apparently, this is an exclusive deal between Microsoft and Xiaomi so other devices would not get this ROM. The ROM has a size of 700 MB and upon installation, the handset is updated to Windows 10 Mobile 12562.82 version. Since the ROM is password protected, only registered users would be able to access it.

If you wish to try out the new build, you can sign up here. The main reason behind the less number of approved users for testing the beta version of the OS is that the company requires the participants to visit Microsoft’s Asia-Pacific headquarters in Beijing. This would allow the Microsoft Window 10 development team to directly interact with the users and gain a better understanding of the issues being faced by users and the positive aspects of the mobile OS. This is a really crucial step in the evaluation process as it would help the company to clear the OS of possible bugs before it is released in the market.

So go ahead and try out the new Windows 10 Mobile OS and experience the power of windows in an equally powerful mobile device. If you happen to get access to this OS, then do share your experience with us. We would love to hear about it.

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