How to Download YouTube Videos to Mobile Devices Directly

How to Download YouTube Videos to Mobile Devices Directly

When you need to watch your favourite videos on your smartphones and you do not have a fast internet, then the only alternative is to transfer the videos from another device (computer, etc.) and then view it on the mobile device. How about downloading the videos directly to the smartphone?

There are plenty of apps out there that would allow you to download YouTube videos directly to your Android or iOS device. But do all of them deliver the quality that you deserve? Moreover, not all formats may be compatible for viewing on a smartphone. Conversion to a preferred / compatible format may be required for viewing the video properly.

OnlineVideoConverter is an online video conversion tool that allows you to convert your favourite YouTube videos to a format of your choice. This tool is completely free to use and can be accessed from a mobile device. With OnlineVideoConverter, you can easily download YouTube videos to your mobile device(s) irrespective of the type of OS or any other requirement. Just follow these simple steps to get high quality videos directly on your smartphones.

Open on Your Mobile Browser

Open on Your Mobile Browser - YouTube Videos

Open your smartphone’s web browser (Chrome / Opera / Firefox / etc.) and enter the URL of the online tool in the respective field.


This should take you to the mobile site where you can access all the features of this too. In order to reduce the hassles that you could face, make sure that your device’s internet speed is fast.

Select the Extract Audio / Video Option

Select the Extract Audio - Video Option - YouTube Videos

Once the page has loaded completely, scroll down and select the “Extract Audio or Video From URL” option.

This should take you to the online converter page.

With this tool, you can convert your favourite YouTube videos to mp3, wav, mp4, and a various other audio as well as video formats.

Enter Video URL / Link

Enter Video URL / Link -YouTube Videos

When you get redirected to the conversion page, you would see two separate fields – Video Link and Settings.

Enter the YouTube URL / link of the video in the “Video Link” field without leaving out any part of the URL.

You can either copy-paste the URL or you could write it down manually, as per your convenience.

The “More Settings” option reveals the option to select the “video resolution” and the “aspect ratio” of the video. If it was a video to audio conversion, then these options would have included “audio frequency”, “audio bitrate”, “audio channel”, and “volume”.

You also get the option of converting a specific section of the online video. This not only helps in getting the important parts of the video, but also saves time wherein you don’t need to download irrelevant content just for the sake of getting the important part of the video.

Select the Format

Select the Format -YouTube Videos

Now this is an important step. Based on your preferences, you can select from a list of available formats in which the file would be converted and made available for download. Just take care to select the proper format in the right category. If you need to download the video in MP3 format, then select this option from the list of audio formats. For converting online video to mp4 and other video formats, choose one from the respective list.

Tap the “Convert” Button

Tap the “Convert” Button -YouTube Videos

When you have entered all the details in the respective fields, check the details once before tapping the “Convert” button.

This will initiate the conversion process which should not take a lot of time.

The time depends on the size of the video, quality specifications, selected format and the internet access available on your mobile device.

Download the Video

Download the Video -YouTube Videos

When the video finishes converting, the download link would be provided.

Clicking on this link would initiate the download process and the time taken for the file to download completely would depend on your device’s internet speed.

For best results, try to download YouTube videos when you are near a Wi-Fi network.

Important Tips

While OnlineVideoConverter provides really fast video conversions even on mobile devices, it does not support or encourage copyright infringement. There are ways in which you can download YouTube Videos legally. You only need to know when and how you can do it without violating any terms of usage or policies of YouTube. Just take care of the legal implications of the downloads, and you should be able to avoid unnecessary hassles.

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