How to Get “Android L” on Your Smartphone Now!

How to Get “Android L” on Your Smartphone Now!

It has been just a week since Google revealed the features and the interface that would be an integral part of the new Android L OS. This has really caused excitement among Android users who are searching the internet for finding a way which would let them get these features before the OS is released on a commercial level with device specific mods.

Nexus owners, however, would be getting a preview version of the OS which is in the process of being released soon. But what about non-nexus users? I guess you don’t need to worry much as a friendly developer has come to your rescue. XDA Developer Forum user “ivan123” posted a full system dump with links to download apps from Android L individually or as a pack. Not only does this contain new features but it also comprises updated apps that are part of the stock android. The new Calculator, Google Calendar, and Google Earth apps are amongst the few apps that have been updated and will come preloaded in the Android phones that have the new OS. Another important inclusion in this pack is the Document UI which Google described during the event. The Document UI makes multitasking seem like a piece of cake and is really great addition.

While rooting may not be required for getting the features but if you want to experience the “Material Design”, then you need to get your smartphone rooted. What is so different about the new design? Well, for a start, the new material design adds more nuances and accents throughout the user interface, such as using bolder colours and shadows in stock apps like Mail and the phone dialler. But be advised, think twice before rooting your phone because if something goes wrong, then the phone would be as good as a rock. It also voids the warranty of your device, so you end up losing everything.

But if you want to try some specific features, then you can always check out the files and the process that has been shared by the developer. It could be of help to you and you can get to try out features such as the new keyboard (this is already available in Google’s Play Store).

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