How To Make Your Android Look Like iOS

How To Make Your Android Look Like iOS

An android user is always jealous of the sharp, smart, elegant and rich interface that iPhone provides with iOS. But the fact cannot be ignored that android is the most widely used mobile operating system across the globe today and it is highly customizable. Android OS has the ability to be customized to the fullest and made personalized according to your choice. Well, on the other hand, Apple iPhone’s operating system iOS has the limited customizing option when compared to Android-powered smartphones.

Even though android has a wonderful interface and flexibility of being customized according to our preference, not one gets bored of it but there are times when there is an urge of trying something new which is totally different from android and others. This when iOS comes in mind of every smartphone users, but instead, Apple’s iPhone is an expensive piece of machine, not everyone can afford it.

But wait what did we just said, Android devices are highly customizable? Yes, thanks to the customization power of android. It can really imitate other mobile operating software almost to the fullest. There are a certain set of apps using which we can bring iOS look straight to your android device.

Let’s have the look of the things we have to do, to make your Android look like running on iOS.

The Lock screen

The Lock screen - Make Your Android Look Like iOS

First things first. The lock screen is the very first thing we see when the iOS device wakes up. And to start the transformation of your android into an iOS device, this is the first thing we do. We are using the OS8 Lock Screen, which is probably one of the best ones left over. A lot of the other ones which emulates the iPhone lock screen are no longer available on the Play Store.

There a thing about this app, it not only emulates the iOS lock screen but also gives a fluid experience and does not get bypassed by home button. Just install it and your are ready to go.

The Home Screen

The Home Screen - Make Your Android Look Like iOS

The very basic and big difference in iOS and Android OS is, iOS lack of an app drawer which is the fundamental feature of Android. So, in order to get rid of the app drawer, we will have to use an iOS launcher.

And, fortunately Play Store has a really great iOS launcher to offer. iLauncher is a killing launcher which gives an exact iOS look to your device. It quick, its fluid and its clean. It does give you the spotlight search option activated and much more.

Note: When you will download and install the launcher, you will not get some of the icons similar as the iOS have, which you will have to change on your own to get the exact same appearance as an iPhone.

The Notification Center and Control Panel

The Notification Center and Control Panel - Make Your Android Look Like iOS

Notification center is also an important thing which has to be changed to make you device looks like iOS. This app is iNoty which is developed by the same developers of iLauncher. This app helps you to replace your notification center totally with the iOS notification center.

Adding a little more essence of iOS to your android with the Control Panel which is a very unique feature of Apple devices. Using the Control Panel – Smart Toggle app, you get the control panel, same as iPhone’s.

This control panel is not exactly same as the iPhone’s and does have a ton added features but this is the best one left on the Play Store.

The Keyboard

The Keyboard - Make Your Android Look Like iOS

Well, the power of getting customized to the fullest is doing great for android I guess. Android does supports custom keyboards, so why do not we get the one like iOS.

This app is actually called Apple Keyboard, which imitates same as the keyboard in iOS devices. This keyboard is pretty much the best one in terms of looks presentation of an actual iPhone.

So these are the best apps using which you can totally customize your device to look like an Apple device. So give them a try and let us know, how they looked and worked for you, in the comment section below.

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