How to Merge/Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android Phones

How to Merge/Delete Duplicate Contacts in Android Phones


Getting duplicate contacts in your Android mobile phones is a glitch that drives you crazy. This might happen when you reset your device to factory and sync all the contact. Another reason could be changing the SIM and syncing all the contacts. Anyway, duplicate contacts can make the usability frustrating and deleting them manually would be a menial task.

Although deleting or merging contacts could be done in a jiffy. There are a couple of methods to do that.

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  1. Phone– Not all android phone come with a built-in feature of merging contacts. In case you have that feature in your phone you just need to follow a few steps to fix the problem.
  • Access the contact app in your phone.
  • Select menu.
  • You will find an option ‘merge accounts’. Tap the option.
  • Now tap Merge with Google option.
  • You will get a prompt asking contact to be merged with Google, hit ‘ok’.

And there you are. This will merge all your contacts with your Google account.

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2. Gmail– Android phone gives you an amazing option to backup your data. It syncs all your contact with your gmail account. You just need to enable the option to sync the contacts. Now login your Gmail. Click on the ‘Gmail’ on the top left of the page. You would get 2 more option- ‘Contacts’ and ‘Tasks’. Click on ‘Contacts’. Once you do that, contacts page would open. There you would find an option- ‘More’. Click more and from the drop down select ‘Find and merge duplicates’. Another prompt would open displaying all the duplicate contacts. Uncheck any contact that you want to keep and click on ‘Merge’. This will merge all your duplicate contacts.

Delete Duplicate contacta App

3. App– There are lot of apps available to delete duplicate contacts from Android phones. One such app is Duplicate Contacts. Just download and open the app. Once you open the app, it will show all the duplicate contacts in your phone. Again you can uncheck the contacts which you want to keep. Now click on ‘Delete selected’ option, a prompt would appear, hit ‘yes’ and all your duplicate contacts are gone.

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