How To Pull a Successful Prank On Your Friends With Their iPhone

How To Pull a Successful Prank On Your Friends With Their iPhone

Pulling a prank successfully on a friend or colleague is so much fun that it can be addictive at times. When you use their phones to piss them off with such iPhone pranks and tricks, the expression on their faces is simply priceless. There is absolutely no harm in pulling such pranks. It’s just a bit of mischievous fun that sets the mood for the day.

So, if you really have some friends who have iPhones and are super-possessive about it, then you can scare the hell out of them and have a good laugh at their expense. There are some tricks that work with iPhones. Well, they are more of glitches than tricks, but if it works for you, then there is nothing to complain about. All of these tricks will initially create confusion, but once they find out the trick, then they will laugh as well.

iPhone Prank #1: Shock Them By Making Things Disappear

Shock Them By Making Things Disappear - iPhone Prank

With this iPhone prank, you can easily make apps disappear from your friend’s iPhone. They will think that you have deleted it and will go crazy trying to figure it out.

This trick is easy to pull off. Just take an app in any folder and move it to the second page and then to the third page. When you have the app in the third page, keep holding the app and press the home button. The app will disappear automatically.

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The apps will remain “invisible” till the device is restarted. If you want to use the “disappeared” app, you can locate it on the device by using spotlight search.

iPhone Prank #2: Home Button Glitch

Home Button Glitch - iPhone Prank

This prank can get pretty serious so be careful when pulling this off. This prank limits access to the control center and notification center and most importantly, it blocks the home button.

You can only use the home button for double click function. It won’t work for any other function. To do this, you need to hold down the notification bar on the half and release it to downwards. When the notification bar is pulled down, you have to press the home button before the bar hits the bottom. It will take a few tries to get it right, but it is definitely worth it.

iPhone Prank #3: The Classic Auto Correct Fun

The Classic Auto Correct Fun - iPhone Prank

Using the built-in iOS keyboard shortcuts, set something innocuous to be automatically altered to something more interesting when typed. We’ll leave the words to your imagination here. Trust me, your friend will be at his or her wit’s end before realizing the folly.

iPhone Prank #4: Ask Siri For Fun

Ask Siri For Fun - iPhone Prank

You don’t have to unlock your friend’s phone to pull off this iPhone prank. This is what makes it all the more interesting. Just activate Siri and ask it to call you anything else. You can set any name and Siri will address the user (your friend) by this name. For example, after activating Siri on your friend’s device, say “Hey Sir” “Call Me Jerk”. So now your friend will be greeted with “Jerk” every time Siri is activated.

iPhone Prank #5: Fool Your Friend With A GIF

Fool Your Friend With A GIF - iPhone Prank

Make your friend think that you are typing a five-page essay. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting for the message to get completed. Using this GIF, you can really piss someone off. Just click here, copy the image and send it to anyone you want on iMessage. And they will basically think that you are typing forever.

iPhone Prank #6: Power Off Screen Glitch

Power Off Screen Glitch - iPhone Prank

This is more of a glitch than an actual iPhone prank. Be warned that this prank will scare the hell out of your friend, so proceed with caution.

Slide up on the camera half way and hold the power button for about three seconds. Without letting go off the screen, hold the power button again for 3 seconds. Now when you let go the button, you will get the power off screen. Tap quickly on the “cancel” prompt and the phone will be stuck on that screen.

Which of the above-mentioned pranks has caught your attention? Do share your experience, rather your friend’s experience, with us in the comments section below. If you have some crazy iPhone prank of your own, then tell us about it. We would love to hear about it.

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