How to Recover Files and Data From a Dead SD Card

How to Recover Files and Data From a Dead SD Card

All of us love to have a lot of files, especially photos and music, on our media devices. SD cards are small chips that can pack in quite a lot of data. But what happens when you end up with a dead SD card? What happens to your data? Can it be recovered, even partially? I know these are the most common questions that come to mind when the external storage media becomes dead or gets corrupted. Not many users are accustomed to keeping backups of their data and when something goes wrong with the storage media, all hell breaks loose.

The problem with SD cards is that they can be pretty fragile and this makes them unreliable to some extent. These storage containers have the power to make your media devices into versatile beasts with immense portable storage capabilities. If you happen to land up with a dead SD card or one that’s is corrupt, then don’t worry. We might just have a viable solution for you.

Before you try your hand at recovering data from the dead SD card, make sure that you check the card reader. It is possible that the reading component is the one with the problem. This can easily be checked by opting for a different card reader or a different laptop (if you are using the in-built card reader in the laptop). Always make sure that you check the reader’s state of working before attempting any other method for recovering lost data.

File Recovery Software

File Recovery Software

There are several free software out there which are capable of recovering data from dead SD cards. The process for recovering the files is pretty much the same for all file recovery software. They may differ on the basis of their interface and their efficiency to extract lost files. The first problem that you might face when connecting a corrupt SD card to your computer would be the lack of visibility of contents. The files might be there but due to the corrupt storage media, the system is unable to access it.

Files are usually present on storage media till the time they are overwritten by some other files or information. Knowing whether the files have been written over is not possible in all the cases. So it is quintessential that you act fast and avoid any action which may result in the files getting overwritten. You might also have to disable the internet and some security features of your PC.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery, Disk Digger, and ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) are some really effective file recovery software. The procedure for all is relatively the same with a few minor differences. The following are the steps for recovering data from a dead SD card with the use of ZAR.

  • Install ZAR on your computer.
  • Insert the dead SD card into the card reader. This can be an external reader or an inbuilt one.
  • For best results, disable the internet access and turn off the security features of your system
  • Click the image recovery option when prompted. You can recover various file types but for simplifying the explanation of the process, we have considered just image files.
  • Once you select the image recovery option, the software will check the devices that are installed. You need to select the corrupt SD card so that the software analyses it.
  • When the software finishes analysing the card, a list of recovered files will be displayed.
  • Select the files that you need to recover and choose the folder in which you would like to keep the files. This should a location on your computer. Do not be hasty while choosing the location because you might end up selecting the SD card’s location by mistake.
  • After a few minutes, the files would have been copied to the new destination on your computer.

With this method, you should be able to get back most of your files from the dead SD card. However, there is no guarantee that the files would remain intact. There is a good chance that the files will lose their original names. While this could be a bit cumbersome for some people, others will be able to rename the files without much trouble.

Unless you have a lot of important data to be recovered, you should avoid using any third party software for recovering files from dead SD cards. Also, you should never select the “recommended” option while installing the software as this might install unwanted freeware and malware as well. It is always better to select “manual” while installing the software and make sure that you read all the instructions and screens before moving ahead.

Was this helpful for you? Share your views in the comments section below. It would be nice if you could share more methods for recovering files from dead SD cards.

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