How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Your Android

How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages On Your Android

We have seen how to schedule a mail on Gmail and we hope that certainly made your life easier. Well, have you ever wondered, life would be awesome if you could schedule messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp today is probably the most used open source cross-platform IM in the world with approx. 1.5 billion users (as of December 2017) across the globe. So, how about scheduling messages on WhatsApp on your Android phone and making it more lovable.

To get started, download and install the SKEDit app on your Android phone.

Once the app is downloaded, open it. There would be a number of options available like- WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp, SMS, Email etc. choose WhatsApp (you could also pick WhatsApp Business).


The app would ask for accessibility permissions, tap on OPEN SETTING and you will reach a menu. Search for SKEDit and turn the toggle on. The app would ask for accessibility permissions to which you have to tap ‘ok’.

Once you are done with the access permissions, open your WhatsApp and choose the contact you want to send a message. This would open a window which would give you the option of the message you have to send. Enter the text or choose a media file you would like to schedule and below it, you would find date and time fields. Tap these fields and you would get a clock and a calendar to schedule the date and time.

Skedit Scheduling

There are options for repeat sending the message with options like- no repeat, hour, day, week, month and year. You can check your scheduled message by tapping on VIEW SCHEDULE SUMMARY just beneath the repeat option. A time card would pop up at the scheduled time and date.

Skedit Options

SKEDit gives you 2 options; scheduling manually and automatically. Although automatic scheduling needs a compromise i.e. you have to disable the lock screen of your Android phone. However, if you manually schedule your posts, you would get notification prompts before the message is sent. All you need to do to manually schedule your message, tap the ‘Ask me Before Sending’ toggle right and you would get another option CHANGE NOTIFICATION SETTINGS beneath it. Tap ‘on’ for all the notification settings.

Now you would get a notification prompt before a message is ready to hit. It gives you an option to edit the message too.

Download SKEDit now on your Android phone and start scheduling the messages.

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