How To Take Better Photos With Your Phone Camera

How To Take Better Photos With Your Phone Camera

Phone camera is the easiest way to capture the moments and keep them as the memory of our experiences. But there are times when you are not able to get the exact things you wanted in your photo. And, there’s always a very reasonable excuse for this, ‘my phone camera is not as good as other professional cameras’.

Well its not about your smartphone, its about you, how you take photos. Even if your smartphone sports an excellent camera with incredible capturing quality, you won’t be able to take good photos with it if you don’t know the very basics of taking good photos. It’s a simple do, just have a prepared mind of what you want to see in your frame and capture it. But yes there are some more aspects you can consider to improve your phone photography.

Let’s have a look at some of things you should keep in mind when firing up the photo app on your mobile device.

First things First, Clean it up

First things First, Clean it up - Phone Camera

This is a no brainer, a very obvious thing which each one of us forgets to do. Clean up your camera lens to take a good and clear picture. The camera has no protection or case to cover it over and keep it away from all the dust and touches, hence it results into blurry images. Just wipe it with some cloth or your apparels and you are ready to capture.

Don’t Zoom, Act Smart and Crop

Don’t Zoom, Act Smart and Crop - Phone Camera

Many smartphones cameras have fixed optics and offers digital zoom function, but the photography experts believe that you are at your best without using that function. And even we can see, the picture quality getting noticeably degraded when you start to zoom, in the live preview. It’s always better to crop the image than to capture it in zoom because when you are cropping the image, you are actually just cutting down the selective part of the image in the same pixel info it was recorded. That means there are always plenty of resolution left in the image when we crop making the image look, not distorted.

So, it’s recommended not use digital zoom.

Look for the Right Light

Look for the Right Light


Yes, we blame our mobile camera’s which are not great does not capture incredible images as the other camera does. Well we should not forget the fact that even the cheapest camera phone can capture terrific photos in ideal light. You just have to look for the right light direction and click. The very ideal light direction is the source of light should be at 45o front, of the subject. You get the perfect capture at this light angle and if it is a natural light source, then reposition yourself or ask the subject to move if you are shooting in natural light.

Personal Advice: Window light is always the best as it is a soft light source.

Be Focused and Keep Focused

Be Focused and Keep Focused - Phone Camera

All the factors won’t count much if your picture is out of focus, be it the light direction or the exposure. The very vital part of a good photo is the subject and it has to be in focus. So just take a minute before taking your hand off the shutter and make sure that the subject is in focus. Every smartphone offers Autofocus, which get the focus on the nearest object to the lens, but to keep it correct you will have to hold the camera steady to hold the subject in focus, until the shutter fires.

Now if you want to focus on the particular object in your frame, you can manually focus on the different areas of the frame just by tapping on the screen.

The Golden Points

The Golden Points - Phone Camera

To click a good photo, just remember this. “Try to never keep the subject in center”.

As you can see in the image above, the 4 white dots are the golden points in a frame and its recommended to keep the subject at the golden points to make the picture look good and technically right.

There is more to learn about it. There should always be more space on the side where the subject is facing and less at the back which makes the compositions look perfect.

Did you Really Forget to Check the Settings

Did you Really Forget to Check the Settings - Phone Camera

This is becomes a very part to be done before the you try to take a good photo. You should know about all the setting you can play with to take a correct photo.

There are different options available in every smartphone, so just check once and make sure all the settings are been set to your preference.

If we missed any of the important point which you think must be added. Let us know in the comment section below.

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