How to Track Lost iPhone, Windows and Android Smartphone

How to Track Lost iPhone, Windows and Android Smartphone

In this digital age, we have become excessively dependant on our smartphones. We just cannot imagine life without this convenient communication device that has made everything so convenient for us. Have you taken the necessary precautions to find your lost iPhone, lost android phone or a lost windows phone? Don’t wait for your phone to get lost. With a few simple measures, you can secure your phone and make it detectable in case it is lost.

When you lose your phone, the most crucial risk that you are subjected to is the loss of personal data. There are ways to remotely wipe out your data in such cases, but if the phone runs out of battery charge or is switched off, then you would not have any opportunity to secure your data. I personally suggest that you back up the data from your phone regularly. Even if your device is lost, you won’t lose your personal data. As for the safety of your files, you can remotely wipe it off if the phone is still on. In case it is switched off, you would have to wait it out till the device is turned on.

How to Track Lost iPhone

iOS has a “find my iPhone” feature which works pretty much like the Device Manager feature in Android, with the exception that it is designed exclusively for the iOS environment. Make sure that you activate the feature on your iPhone before losing it or else this feature would be of no use at all.

Tap on settings and enter the iCloud menu. Here you need to scroll down and locate the “Find my iPhone” feature. It would also be a good idea to activate the “Send Last Location” feature which sends the location of the device to Apple just before the battery is about to die. Make sure that location services are turned on for your Apple device as this is required for finding the lost iPhone.


If you should lose your iPhone, there are two ways to track it. You may access the free “find my iPhone” app on another Apple device, or you could log on to iCloud from a desktop and access the “Find my iPhone” feature there.

How to Track Lost Android Phone

Android has a default feature called “Device Manager” which has the necessary settings by which you can track your lost android phone. You just need to make sure that the settings are configured correctly. In order to access Device Manager, you need to open the Google Settings app. Remember, this is not your regular device setting.


When you open the settings app, access Device Manager under the “security” tab. In this section, you need to enable the ‘Remotely locate this device’ and ‘Allow remote lock and erase’ options. Since both of these features work on the basis of location data, you need to ensure that “Google Location History” is enabled under the Location Services option.

By enabling these features, you can track your lost Android phone in two ways. You may use the device manager to block access to the phone, delete the contents, or make the phone ring to alert people nearby of its presence. In order to access device manager, you need to log in from a different device. The alternative approach to this method is to access the maps in the device manager to find the location of your android phone on a digital map.


In case your phone is switched off, it won’t be able to provide the data with which its location may be detected. For this situation, you need to open Account History and select “access history” from “places you go”. At this point, you need to mention a specific time duration following which the last known locations of your device would be indicated on the map. Even if this might not be as helpful as a real time detection, it will surely help in identifying nearly accurate paths.

How to Track Lost Windows Phone

All Windows phones have their own phone tracker feature which can be accessed in the device’s settings. You can access the apps list by swiping right on the home screen. Find the “Settings” option in the list and tap it. In the Settings screen, access the privacy option. You will get a list of options in this screen. “Location” should be enabled by default. In case it is not activated, make sure that you activate it mandatorily.


The next thing that you need to do is to access the “Find my phone” option and select the option there. The option has a long description which basically describes the function. It says, “Save my phone’s location periodically and before the battery runs out to make it easier to find”.


The lost Windows phone can be tracked by logging into your Windows Account and accessing the “Find my Phone” feature for the device that you intend to locate. Here you will get three options – ring, lock and erase. All of these options are self-explanatory and can easily be understood by an average smartphone user.

Your Windows account can be used to connect multiple devices. So you can locate different connected devices without much trouble. As is common in mobile tracking applications, it would be able to detect the location in real time if the phone is turned on. In case it is switched off, you would be able to track the last known location which the device sends just before the battery is about to die.
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