How to Use Two Different Social Networking Accounts on the Same Phone

How to Use Two Different Social Networking Accounts on the Same Phone

How often do we wish to operate multiple social networking accounts on one device at the same time? Well, this app is a life-saver in such situations. Yes, you can operate multiple accounts at once on the same device and on the same time. No longer would you be required to carry an extra phone or keep logging out of social profiles to access different accounts.

Parallel Space is a unique app which allows you to access two different accounts at the same time on a single Android Device simultaneously. This is a third party app that is available from Google Play for free. It has become the top grossing app because of its revolutionary techniques which gives an excellent choice to the user.

Key Features:

1. This app lets you use multiple accounts simultaneously based on its unique container technology.

2. The app size is just 2 MB so it does not clog up your device’s memory.

3. It contains a messenger app to connect with different friends.

4. Users can play the same game with two different social accounts at once.

5. Parallel Space supports almost every app in the Google Play Store.

How to use Parallel Space:

1. Download Parallel Space App from here.

Parallel Space-Multi Accounts - Social Networking Accounts

2. Now open the app and proceed to the dashboard where you will see a ‘+’ button.

Parallel Space 2 - Social Networking Accounts

3. When you will click on the ‘+’ button, you will be able to see a list of various apps installed on your device.

Parallel Space 3 - Social Networking Accounts

4. Now add any app which you want use for multiple account.

Parallel Space 4 - Social Networking Accounts

This app is certainly a dream come true for the people who use multiple social accounts at once. Use this app and completely change the way you socialize, at ease. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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