How to Identify and Buy Authentic Refurbished Computer

How to Identify and Buy Authentic Refurbished Computer

Everyone is considering buying a refurbished computer or laptop these days because of the amazing deals that are often provided for it. Just the fact that the system was returned (defect / mismatch of preference / misc. reasons), causes the price of the product to be lowered even though the parts are made completely functional during the refurbishing process.

Sometimes, the refurbishing company may also add in some new parts to ensure that the system is compliant with the latest standards in computing technology as applicable for the particular device. It is obvious that you cannot expect someone to put in an i7 processor in a model that was made to support only dual core processors or 13 processors. But when you do set out to buy such a computer, then understand the differences between various offerings to save yourself from being duped.

Here are some of the offerings in the second hand and refurbished markets where people often get confused. The following descriptions should help you to identify good refurbished laptops and computers.

Used Computers

We are more than aware about these devices. Somebody used them and then they sold it off. You can only bargain for the price being asked but apart from that, there is nothing much that you can do for it. Once you have bought this, you have to live with your purchased system. If it’s good, then it is your luck. However, if it turns out to be bad, then you have to just live with it. You could do a smart thing by estimating the cost of repair and then adding the selling price of the used system to it. Now compare this value to the cost of a new one and go for it only if the difference is considerable. But remember, the cost which you would have to bear would definitely be more than that of refurbished systems (in most cases) and you would have to go through the hassles of getting it repaired.

Off Lease Refurbished Systems

These systems were used by businesses and are now being sold to incorporate new technology in the organization. Such systems tend to be a few years old and it is likely that the systems were repaired and given a slight aesthetic overhauling before they were sold at wholesale rates to refurbishers. The best example to understand this model of selling used computers is to compare it to buying an older model of a car. Cars get upgrades each year and that is the reason behind their nomenclature often reflecting the year in which they were manufactured. Similarly, computers also undergo upgrades, and unless the configuration is modified appropriately, you could end up with an older version. This might just work out for you but do you really think that at the price that you are bearing, you are getting the right stuff for you? Think again!

Factory Certified Refurbished Systems

Now this is the product that you should look for. These high volume companies not only have direct relationship with the manufacturers, but they also have access to large number of computer / laptop units, components, software and other accessories. They are also well equipped to handle and provide current generation technologies which is mandatory to maintain compliance with the latest standards in computer technology and configurations. Every visible damage is duly addressed and the performance of the system is checked thoroughly to such an extent that to an untrained eye, it would be impossible to find any difference between a refurbished system and a fresh out-of-the-box system. It is better to get such products from retailers who are certified by the company as this assures you of genuine parts and components. There are third party or independent refurbishers who also undertake this activity, but their services lack adequate credibility.

This information should help you to understand the finer nuances of second hand or used computers and the reasons which make buying a refurbished computer a much better choice. However, you should always evaluate your specific needs before making any purchase so that you do not end up buying something that you could have done without.

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