Impact Of GST On Mobile And Computer Peripherals

Impact Of GST On Mobile And Computer Peripherals


We have witnessed the biggest change in the tax regime on July 01st this year. The impact of which, we are going through and it would continue for some time to understand fully what it has for us . The Good and Services tax popularly known as the GST, came to effect recently and there was a great hue and cry across the country. With a change of this magnitude, there is no such industry or sector which remained untouched with its nearing arrival. There were Pre-GST sale across the market with almost everything put on huge discounts. The mobile and electronic devices (computer peripherals) had its share of boost during this Pre-GST period and since then the prices have slashed. Here are a few highlights on the price effect of GST on different mobiles and computer peripherals:

 In an attempt to boost local manufacturing, the government is giving incentive to the local manufacturers to prevent the 4-5 percent hike after GST.

iphone 7

iPhone 7 Plus came down by 6600, priced at INR 85400 now.

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Another iPhone variant SE stands at INR 15000 after a price slash of 2200. iPad which is the tablet from Apple saw a 3% drop and now is priced at 97000

Asus Zenphone 3The Pre-GST sale brought down the prices of laptops down as the prices were to take a hike after July 01st.

The Asus A541UJ saw more than a 50% price cut and settled at INR 34000. Lenovo was another brand that saw a price slash of around 10000 and was available at INR 55000.

Acer Aspire V 5

Acer E5, a 15.6 inch laptop witnessed 18% price off. Probably the most lucrative slash was caught by Apple MacBook Air (13 inches) of 25% and 30% on 13.3 inches, which made it come much under the budgets of many.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 stands at INR 70000 after a 25% discount while Dell Inspiron 3000 series saw a 7% fall from INR 30000 to 28000.



GST surely had a positive impact on the prices from the customer’s point of view, it made the many mobiles and laptops come under budgets.

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