iNew V3 Android phone – various features packed together in a sleek phablet

iNew V3 Android phone – various features packed together in a sleek phablet

I never knew that I’ll come across a phone that will combine so many features and technologies to offer at a budget price range. iNew V3 is one such phone, or rather a phablet to precise, that creatively packs many technologies in a slim and lightweight body, all of 128 grams and 6.5mm thick. If you just cannot afford to carry a heavy-weight robust smartphone, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on its technology or functionality. This is the message you take away from the latest iNew V3, an amazing innovation in the mid-price-range.

iNew V3 Android phone features

Among others, NFC (Near Field Communication) is one of the most interesting technology supported by this phone that has been fast catching on lately in the global markets. By virtue of this technology, you can simply tap the phone on a contactless payment terminal in any of the places such as a shop, train station or coffee shop, which in turn identifies your account (and also your personal preferences, shopping habits etc.) to finally collect your payment using an app on your phone.


This slim phablet has a 5.0 inch screen display. With that, at first I expected the device to be proportionately bulky by default. To my surprise, iNew V3 turned out to be created all out of 128 grams of weight and 6.5mm of thickness.

The display has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (HD 720), which is somewhat lower than other latest flagship phones. But then, if we compare them pricewise, iNew V3 is priced even less than half of those phones and it perfectly stands out in the mid-range Android line of phones.

With its sleek design, the display looks nice and specially, the 720p screen is a big plus for a mid-range android phone like it. The hardware feels nice in the hands with its slim and strong built with a professional look and feel. The battery has 1830mAh capacity which lasts long enough for an android phone.

A leading-edge representative of its generation of 13.0M pixel camera phones, iNew V3 has a large aperture shooting portrait almost beating that of a high end professional SLR camera, making photography with this phone, a pleasant experience. The overall camera experience of this phone is further enhanced by its feature of capturing nature’s colors and the night’s scene uniquely, and on top of it all, its Sony chip. The back camera has 13 megapixels with autofocus and flash light whereas the front camera clicks pretty well with its 5 megapixels. All of these combine to make camera experience of the phone unmatched in its price range, be is for selfies or the groufies.


iNew V3 Android phone feature and software

iNew V3  Android phone runs the Android 4.2 version at the moment with the possible upgrades in near future. The phone includes quite a few great utilities and functions, some of the unique ones are its gesture sensing and gravity sensing features. These let the device detect motion such as shake, tilt, etc.  Some of its other features making it unique, are: the easy Touch and play feature along with easy download for music, sharing of the pictures with each other and even exchanging the mail lists. The phone has 5.0 inch IPS 1280 x 720 pixel HD screen along with the support for playback via software 720P HD TV and movies. To add to it, it comes with high quality speakers that let you enjoy the music perfectly on the best bass, so, you get an amazing experience even with the normal headphones. With its MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3GHz combining with Android 4.2 OS nicely, you get beautiful audio-visual experience along with speed, as good as you couldn’t imagine. The 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM ensure that you can store the music, movies and files to your heart’s content.


iNew V3 Android phone Great  Android phone

So, Gearbest whether you are a selfie-lover or a music aficionado, this phone has a great deal to offer to one and all. Its sleek design, strong built and economic price put it out rightly in the category of the most sought-after phones. With the kind of features, functionality and multiple technologies all packed in one slim phablet priced in the mid-range, this is one phone I would definitely vouch on.

The price $189.53 at here

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