Intel Button Sized Chipset Provides a New Brain to Wearable Technology

Intel Button Sized Chipset Provides a New Brain to Wearable Technology

In keeping with the recent burst in wearable technology, Intel has come up with a Intel button sized chipset that could become the new brain for all such devices. Company CEO, Brian Krzanic shared an official announcement of this chipset at CES 2015 and gave new hopes to many manufacturers who can now develop highly efficient wearable devices.

The chipset has many upgrades and features that simply make it one of the best components out there. The specs include:

  • A low power 32 bit micro controller which is also known as Quark SE.
  • 384 KB of flash memory
  • 80 KB of SRAM
  • Bluetooth LE support
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Various sensors including accelerometer, motion tracking and gyroscope.

The chipset is part of a new computing platform called “Curie” (named after Marie Curie) and is small enough to be mistaken for a shirt button. Brian said during his keynote speech at CES, “Last year we introduced Edison — basically a computer the size of a postage stamp. But as engineers we knew we could do better. And I have to tell you, we’ve done it.”

Intel’s Button

Curie Computing Platform

Curie would be available as a standalone device, and this is an obvious outcome because it is capable of powering various small devices. If this were to be sold on its own, then the company would not be able to benefit from the varied application of the platform. Instead, Intel plans on selling Curie to device manufacturers who can build their devices on the Curie computing platform. This would allow them to take full advantage of Intel’s superior processing capabilities.

Krazinch claimed that it is possible to create a wearable device out of any object by using the Curie platform. So you can expect rings, handbags, pendants and glasses to become wearable technology in the near future. While such integrations would definitely help the masses, it would be highly useful in espionage and personal tracking.

Intel is not only providing the hardware, but also the software support in the form of Intel IQ Software Kit which would be required for building reference applications for the devices. This would help customers across various segments and demographics. It seems the future is all about a symbiotic relation between technology and lifestyle.

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