Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear [Part 2: Featured Apps]

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear [Part 2: Featured Apps]

Apps are the most crucial components for the entire range of Samsung Gear and they really make the device come alive. Without them, it would have been just another digital watch device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear has some amazing apps and the best part about the OS is that you can even play Candy Crush on it (if you can manage to move those tiny candies).

The following apps are featured on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Gear:


This is a contextually aware horizontal intelligence platform which apparently makes the gear smarter. Why is this important? You wouldn’t want a dumb device that just works on binaries. The need of the hour is for devices that have intelligence and can work with few commands. Atooma puts the “smart” in Samsung’s smart gear.


Quite unlike the obvious meaning of the name, this app gives you the power to see the current occurrences and latest happenings from around the world. Just imagine, you need to know about a particular event that is being held at Hawaii. All you need to do is to use this app and you can get the information in real time.


Evernote has always been one of the most popular apps for taking notes and with the updates that have been made to tit, you can capture images, record voice notes, schedule things and forget about setting up a reminder as the app does that for you.


You can have a glimpse of the movement of the people in your list. The location details are not shared permanently. They only get shared temporarily but the exchange of information occurs in real time which allows recipients to actually follow the movements / path of the person on a dynamically configured map.


Need to complete a transaction on eBay but do not have the time to browse the web page? Then use the dedicated eBay app on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gear for completing and making transactions while being on the move right from the device on your wrist. You won’t even have to take out your smartphone.


This is a global messaging service which is slowly gaining popularity and has been made available in over 230 countries worldwide.


This is a health app that tracks your nutrition and exercise and lets you monitor your health objectives in a dynamic manner. In today’s busy lifestyle, we often find it tedious to monitor and keep track of our activities and eating habits. Well, this app takes care of everything.


This app is in fact a personal network that is exclusively designed to bring you closer to your friends and family.


This app allows you to save web content and view it later on any device. It also enables text-to-speech article playback on the GALAXY Gear.


If you ever needed a virtual coach that could keep track of your runs, set goals and motivate you to go that extra mile, then this app is the best personal trainer that you can get. Not only does it allow you to keep check on your runs but you won’t have to look for a coach any time soon once you have this amazing app.


Planning a vacation or a business travel? TripIt allows you to organize and manage all of your travel plans conveniently at one place.

Vivino Wine Scanner

All you need is one photo of any wine that you would like to know about, and this app will provide you the details instantly. You can be a wine expert and amaze your friends with the knowledge that you possess about these spirits, but don’t divulge your little secret.

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