iPhone 6: A Hit or a Miss

iPhone 6: A Hit or a Miss

Apple hits the market with the launch of its much awaited device, the APPLE iPhone 6. Giving the users an experience of a larger screen, apple seems to rule the market. The quality and perfection supported by Apple undoubtedly makes it the best and the most chosen brand in the world. But has it really come up to the user’s expectations? Here we discuss the plus and minus of the device.

Iphone 6 is now bigger, better, thinner and smarter. A larger display, better autofocus, with storage capacities upto 128GB are definitely the pluses along with improved wifi speeds and the Apple Pay mobile wallet feature. But definitely the pricing and technically a very subtle difference from the previous release are a setback. Lets quickly dive deep into the full phone specs to weigh it correct:

Screen: The biggest and most buzzed feature is the larger screen size that iPhone 6 offers. Giving the users now an experience of iOS8 on a larger screen of 4.7 inches Apples breaks on its previous justifications for a smaller 4 inch display in its predecessors. The screen is a capitative touchscreen with shatterproof glass and has a pixel density of 1,344×750-pixels.

Design: The larger and thinner iPhone 6 feels good to hold and solid metallic body . Fragility is one issue that might press you to put the phones in the case to prevent damage to your expensive device. I is much similar to the iPOD with larger volume buttons and a sleek design. The top right power button is shifted to the right side of the phone to which makes it easier to use now that it has a bigger screen size. The round Touch ID button is the same but now serves many useful purposes like paying through the new Apple pay .

Performance: Apple hasn’t talked much about its increased processing which was the most talked topic after the Touch ID in 5s. The iphone 6 comes with the A8 processor with a change thats subtle. It has the 64 bit dual core processor and thus there is not much of a quantum leap over this. Apple still claims the new processor to be faster by around 25% but it is yet to see in action. Dont disappoint yourself your iphone still has a zippy fast UI and app launching speed.

Battery: The phone is powered by a 1810mH battery which gives you a 14 hour long enough talk – time. It is definitely lesser than what the counterparts provides but yeah good enough for an iPhone. With jus music playing around your phone gives you 50 hours and in standby the time increases by a round 250 hours. Not too good and not too bad .

Camera: Looks like 8MP is apple’s not to change standard for the camera. There is no change in the pixels that your iphone 6 is going to provide . But looking technically its not always the pixels that match. Apple compensates with an improvement in the autofocus speed which is definitely a boon when actually holding your pose for the camera to stabilise. The new iSight camera features include a time-lapse video mode, 43-megapixel panoramas, slow-motion 720p video at up to 240fps and 1,080p video at 60fps. They are definitely good to go.

Storage: NFC is now added but i guess you still have to wait for an expandable microSD card . The 16GB unit just offers around 11.6 GB of actual storage for the users. Thus iCloud becomes a viable option providing 5GB of free space with the iCloud account which can be extended upto 1 TB.

Apple Pay: The much awaited feature by whoever plans to buy the device is the Apple Pay. It gives you more of a reason to have the Touch ID on the phone which occupies around 10% of the screen size. As they say , apple pay allows you to just pay with a touch. The set up is simple. Either add your card from the itunes account or take a picture of your card from the isight camera and yeah done your card is stored. Now pay for your apps or shop online in a fast, simple and secure way.

Security: What if my iphone is lost ? I have all the card details stored in there! Don’t worry Apple takes care of that too. If the device is lost , it can be put on a lost mode by using the “find my iphone “app which on receiving any such request wipes out the memory clean.

Conclusion: How good an option do you rate the latest iPhone? A list of pros and cons makes your job easier. Rank it wit what you want or expect and judge where it stands.

Iphone 6


  • Elegant slimline chassis with 4.7-inch screen
  • Solid build quality
  • Performance boost  in terms of processing and battery life over iPhone 5s
  • Fast autofocus
  • iOS 8 with new features and the health app


  • Price
  • Battery life may not be good  enough
  • No optical image stabilisation

NFC-enabled Apple Pay support is restricted to payments only in US

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