iPhone 6’s Launch is Expected to Receive Huge Turnout

iPhone 6’s Launch is Expected to Receive Huge Turnout

iPhone 6

Of all the latest gadgets in 2014, the iPhone 6 is easily the most anticipated gadget to be released this year. Apple might be gearing up for the launch of the 6th Installment in the iPhone series and in keeping with the products that have been rolled out in the past, the iPhone 6 could be the behemoth that customers anticipate. This could be the reason behind analysts and tech-experts are expecting a huge turnout for the launch of this much awaited device. More than anything, Apple has generated anxiety amongst the people with respect to the possible features that could be included in the new device.

Apple’s iPhone may have certain standard components such as the form factor and overall design. But this is exactly what keeps customers guessing about the next change that could be introduced. Moreover, Apple’s reputation in the IT industry has also led to stock analysts trying to speculate the possible impact that the 6th Version of the revolutionary phone could have on stock valuations. One of the reasons behind a probable change could be attributed to the behavioral patterns in the consumer electronics market.

While Steve Jobs was at the helm of the company, he rarely entertained the idea for making any drastic change in the overall design of Apple’s products. But since his demise, it is pretty evident that Apple has started coming up with designs that are able to target its immediate competitors in the market. The screen size of the Smartphone segment was one of the major changes that was witnessed when transitioning from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5. In keeping with these factors, it is rumored that the company could make iPhone 6 larger and thinner than previous versions.

Critics estimate this move as a way to win back market share that has now been captured by the ever growing Android based Smartphone segment. This has been the result of the viral images of cases that are supposedly being made for Apple’s new product. From the images that are being circulated in the market, it seems that the cases are larger yet shallower than the standard iPhone dimensions. This has generated mass speculations regarding the possible improvements to the overall design of the product.

In our previous post, we had also mentioned about the possible increase in resolution, which go up to triple-resolution definitions. It is pretty evident that the mass production and increased marketing efforts by Apple are being done only to ensure that it achieves greater sales that its major competitor, Samsung, which had achieved immense success with its recent launch Galaxy 5. For those involved in the stock market, this may be a good time to cash in on the opportunity presented by Apple’s stock offerings. Evidently, the stock values do not reflect the impact of the estimated huge sales volumes, so this could be a good time to make investments because post-release the stock values could rise immensely and would generate great profits for investors.

Among other improvements, Apple is expected to change the screen’s material to Sapphire Glass which is an effective scratch resistant product. There is also the probability of a collaboration between Apple and Sony which would provide the iPhone with 13 megapixel camera. However, no details have received official confirmation from the company. So we can only hope that these speculations hold a certain degree of credibility so that the expectations of the consumers are successfully met.

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