Jaundice Detection App for Newborn Babies – New Smartphone Technology

Jaundice Detection App for Newborn Babies – New Smartphone Technology

In our previous post we discussed about The latest Technological gadget the Cicret Bracelet. With the various scientific and technological developments taking place we can admit that now everything has become possible. In reference to this the scientists of the University of Washington are working on an app called as the BiliCam to detect for the symptoms of Jaundice in the Newborns.

According to the Medical experts Jaundice is very common among the newborn babies with in the first few days after they are born. The symptoms of Jaundice are not easy to detect in the newborn babies and if untreated Jaundice may lead to brain damage or even Kernicterus.

The most authoritative test for Jaundice is a blood test, but what is the required is an effective screening tool which should be more advanced and better than the naked eye test to adjudicate if blood test should be done or not.

Some hospitals have a non-invasive viewing tool for Jaundice but it is very expensive and also is not suitable for home utilization.

But in contrast of this the the BiliCam app woks on the principle of combining the Smartphone app along with the colour calibration cards and the designed algorithms in cloud to give instant results.

Working of the BiliCam App

Jaundice Detection App for Newborn Babies

Image Credit : University of Washington

  • The business card sized colour calibration card is placed on the naked torso of the baby and then the parent of the health care provider has to take a flash-assisted photo of the baby and the card with the Smartphone.
  • Then the app sends the key information from the photo with which the assistance of calibration card accounts for illuminating the differences in lightning conditions and skin tones to the cloud utilizing the data connection of the Smartphone.
  • After this the Algorithms in the cloud dissect the data and within a few minutes the Smartphone receives a declaration report regarding the likely levels of bilirubin in the baby. {Bilirubin is a rude(natural) byproduct which is caused by the breaking down of the red blood cells.}

Under the Directorship of Prof. Taylor the BiliCam app has been tested in a clinical study which involved 100 newborn babies. All the babies underwent the all authoritative blood test and the BiliCam Screening test and the results were much far better and accurate then the then the current Screening tools. The team said that it has no intentions on replacing the blood test with the BiliCam Screening test but it is only their efforts to help the parents.

The team also said that the main advantage for siting the algorithm in the cloud instead of the Smartphone is that they can be improved over time. The team also projects on using the BiliCam on up to 1,000 newborn babies with a spectrum of scrape pigments so that that algorithm becomes robust adequate to use with babies of all ethnicities (nationalities) and skin colours.

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