Do You Know That HTC Has Launched The First Selfie-Focused Smartphone – HTC Desire Eye

Do You Know That HTC Has Launched The First Selfie-Focused Smartphone – HTC Desire Eye

The HTC HTC Desire EyeEye Experience takes mobile imaging software to a new level after the launch of the the new HTC Desire Eye Smartphone. The new Smartphone is a selfie focused Smartphone which comes with a small handheld camera called as the “Re”.

The HTC Desire Eye comes with a 13MP Front and Rear Facing for very sharp and detailed image quality. The new HTC Desire Eye claims to have one of the best front facing camera at present. The phone also has the BSI sensor’s on both the cameras which makes it capable of capturing crisp photos even in low-light conditions. Also one should not forget about to mention about the Dual Led Flash which both the front and the rear cameras have to provide natural tone to the images. This new Smartphone comes with dual-colour, waterproof unibody body design and has a 5.2 inch full HD display. The HTC Desire Eye comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.

HTC Desire Eye.1

The Desire Eye’s comes along with the Split Capture functionality which combines the simultaneous photos and videos taken on both the front and back cameras into one split-screen image or video, just enhancing the selfie experience. Another functionality which futher enhances the selfie experience is the Voice Selfie function which makes it easier to take selfies by simply “saying cheese”.

Additional features such as face fusion and Live Makeup have also been included. Face Fusion as the name suggests is that feature that allows you to merge your face with your friends face or any other celebrities face for a completely original look.

“The Expectations from the HTC Desire Eye are too high but it will be further cleared with its launch and demand.”

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