Latest  Technology  Gadgets 2014

Latest Technology Gadgets 2014

Last year we have seen a lot of changes in technology and different gadgets were released and this year also many technology gadgets are waiting to release. It will be good for all the tech lovers.for Latest  Technology  Gadgets 2014

Google Glass:

Google Glass Image -

From the last year onward, we were telling about the release of Google Glass and we can hope that in 2014 it may be sold to public. At present time, the Google glass is having new experiments. Recently they have brought a program which is mainly for the people to get interacted with Google glass technology. They have told that they are planning to bring this program step by step. Google has told that, if the person is an U.S citizen, then they can join program and then they give you an email, when it opens the program. As of now, they are looking only from U.S citizens and now we cannot give more invites to this function.

We can see that Google glass will be having more success than the smart watches. At first all of them believed that smart watches was good, but it is seen that their existing is very low and many of them stopped wearing this type of smart watches. Now we can use phones to identify the time. Smart watches won’t be good as Google glass.

Vyper Snakebyte:

Vyper  Snakebyte

The viper Snakebyte or Snakebyte Viper is unique tablet which will be launched by Android. Android is advertising more about this device and we have not got any reviews for this table. It is usually seen as Smart T.V and it will be having a docking station and also an HDMI cord and also it can be played as game console also. This tablet will be having a apps store and it will be having around 7 lakhs apps of different types.

When comparing with Apple’s Apps this Android application store will not be a good as it used on IPad. We can believe that there will be some good apps which works on the Android. By using an unique software you can just categorize apps faster and we can search within seconds to get what we need. It is having a Quad core processor, because it is having games and apps, so computing needs to be faster. For technical games, it is giving more high definition graphics were we can play games with more graphics.

IPhone 6:

iPhone 6 price, specs, release date rumours

The Apple has not confirmed whether the next smart phone will be IPhone 6 or not. In 2014 year there will two huge releases of IPhone. Earlier they have released IPhone 5C, which did not had any effect as they believed. It is really a huge time for Apple that they are releasing two IPhone at a time. Earlier they have released one IPhone at a time. In the Indian markets the IPhone was really disappointed due to huge price. In India IPhone will suit for luxury people, who need to have status symbol In their life.

Most of them thinks that Apple will increase the size of phone and earlier when the IPhone 5 was released, the screen size was increased. More rumors are there whether it will have 2 different screens but it is not confirmed yet.

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Logitech Keyboard:

Logitech Wireless All-in-One Keyboard

There are more tablets and most of them choose IPad tablet, because it is one of most needed tablet in the current industry market. The main issue which users has felt was it is getting more difficult to type on keyboard which we have not yet used and we are familiarized only in computer keyboards on small phones. In the year 2014 we are keen looking on how a keyboard will fit for a tablet user.

A light keyboard is very difficult to find in the current market. Logitech is having a ultra thin cover keyboard and it can be connected to IPad using a magnetic hinge. If you are ready to use a keyboard, then you can remove the tablet cover and place it in area which is above keyboard. In a market research we have seen that the tablet market will grow around 47 percent in 2014 year. More users are now shifting from PC to tablet because of the convenience.

Samsung Galaxy S5:

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, news and rumors .

Samsung Galaxy S5 phone will hit the markets very soon and it will be at same time when Samsung Galaxy S4 was released. More over this time, the phone will be having a metal shell which is hard or plastic. This phone will be having eye scanning technology which makes you to unlock phone using your eyes itself. We have to wait until the release of this phone.

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Head Tracking system:

Head  Tracking  system

It is also know as Oculus Rift which allows us to look into objects from different angles. We can either lean our head forward or we put our head in angle or around the wall. This is one of the new technology which we have seen in CES show. This product will be a good one which gives wide eye amazement. Hope we can see whether it releases this year or not.

Handy cam from Sony:

Handy cam  from  Sony

This year at the CES show, they have introduced camcorder which is 4K one and it is released by Sony. The price of this handy cam is around 2000 dollars and it is FDR AX100 type. It is having a sensor and also a one inch CMOS censor. It is having Wi-Fi and NFC capability, so that you can transfer wireless and also pair using NFC enabled devices.

4K Throw Projector from Sony:

4K  Throw  Projector  from  Sony

This is Sony’s ultra short throw projector device which we have seen in CES Show. The projector can be put on floor and we can use blank wall into a 147 inch 4K screen. It is one of the home theater device and it’s design is very sleek and good minimal one. It gives a good visual and audio performance. It is one of ultra HD machine from Sony and they have not announced from the company, but we can hope for this machine.

Smart Ear buds from Intel:

4K  Throw  Projector  from  Sony

Intel has now keen to launch wearable stuff which will be interesting for consumers. They are making some ear buds for monitoring our body. Inside this Ear bud, there is tracker which can be used to sync with IOS and android devices. The ear buds can find your calorie, distance and time. It will also track your heart beat and gives a graph on your phone screen. If your heart beat is below or above, it plays a song for making you calm. Intel is now planning to make a partner for releasing these Ear buds.

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