Legacy Contact – Who Will Access Your Account After Death?

Legacy Contact – Who Will Access Your Account After Death?

Legacy Contact

Facebook has certainly realised that people wonder that what happens to their account after they die. In this process they have launched the “Legacy Contact”, you can assign friend or a family member the access to your own Facebook Id after your death. Once someone lets Facebook know that you have passed away then Facebook will memorialize the account and provide the legacy contact with following options:

1. Write a post on the memorialized account
2. Change the profile picture and the cover picture
3. They may even respond and message to new friend requests from people who have joined Facebook after the account has been memorialized

The legacy contact can also access your archives of photos, post etc. if you opt for it but can’t read the private messages at any point. You can even select to delete your account permanently after it has been memorialized.

It is a great new feature from Facebook that was added, though not that exciting or revolutionary but there was a need for such a feature.

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