The Legion Meter Offers 2X Faster Phone Battery Charge Times

The Legion Meter Offers 2X Faster Phone Battery Charge Times

The Legion Meter Offers Fast Phone Battery Charging

Every person faces the issue of lengthy phone battery charging durations. This can become quite hectic for travelers as they need to be on the move and gaining access to a charging port can be rather challenging. A recent survey of Smartphone users revealed that the most demanded features were in fact battery life. People can do without a high quality camera and an average screen size, but these features will be of no use unless the battery has enough juice to keep the phone running.

The Legion Meter increases the flow of current into the handset’s battery which has been tested with proven results indicating reduced charging times for Apple and Android Smartphone devices. It is pretty simple to use. Just plug the charging cable of the phone to one end of the device while the other end can be plugged into a power socket via an adapter or a computer’s USB port. The device will help to charge the battery in much less time and this helps a lot when there is no way to minimize battery consumption for smart phones.

PLX Devices, the creators and manufacturers of the device, claim that the Legion Meter can increase the charging time by a staggering 92% without exceeding the safety limits. In order to make it really convenient, the device comes loaded with a small yet effective OLED display, which shows information on battery behavior and the real time status of charge available in the battery.

The Legion Meter is expected to hit the electronics market by the end of 2014 and is compatible with all models of Apple and Android Smartphones. Its cost is expected to be around $69. PLX Devices had offered a limited stock as early bird specials at a discounted rate of $39. But it has been sold out so all those who could not lay their hands on this amazing New Technology would have to purchase it at the higher retail cost.

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