Microsoft’s New HoloLens – Say Hello To The Future Of Holographs

Microsoft’s New HoloLens – Say Hello To The Future Of Holographs

Microsoft’s New HoloLens

Wow!!! Was the first word when we saw this killer and futuristic device from Microsoft. Launched with the Windows 10, Microsoft’s New HoloLens can be considered 10 years ahead of it’s time. It’s just not another wearable tech device, but a whole new technology where we don’t enter the virtual world, but the virtual world enters reality.

Virtual World Enters Reality

HoloLens is the paint brush and the whole world is a canvas holograms integrate with physical spaces, things and spaces. This windows 10 based wearable allows you to communicate, learn and create through holograms. Now express through holograms design through holograms or do whatever you like, this device offers the optimum flexibility that any device has offered till date. You will probably feel like you are in a science fiction when you use HoloLens.

3D Rendering

Screens will be a talk of the past, Holograms will be a part of your life. You can design them, fine tune them and look at multiple perspectives of one thing. 3D rendered models will provide you the convenience of seeing dimensions that were not possible before.

Gesture Control

You won’t need a mouse to control this your hands and fingers would be enough as the device works through gestures. You can even connect via this device and share holograms for better understanding, imagine your plumber helping you via this device to fix a pipe. NASA’s scientists will also use this device for space explorations on Mars. There are more interesting features that this device will offer and we will have to wait for them till the device is available in markets.

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