Did You Miss Out on These 8 Important Google Updates?

Did You Miss Out on These 8 Important Google Updates?

Important Google Updates

You must have noticed that Google has been pushing out quite a lot of updates to its services and apps recently. While these updates indicate the high attention to quality that Google is maintaining in order to ensure excellent user experience, it might be possible that you have missed some important updates.

This is not a problem as such because the updates only add new features or fix issues for performance enhancement. However, the frequency of updates can be a bit frustrating. Probably, this is why people chose to ignore notifications that indicate the availability of a new update.

Here are 8 important google updates that you might have overlooked.

Gmail Updates

Google Updates for Gmail Update

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This new update for the Gmail App allows attached Microsoft office documents to be edited without using another tool. In order to achieve this editing feature, a Google Drive edit icon was integrated with attachments in Gmail. The result of this integration is that the attachments would come with a text description that would read, “‘Edit with Google Docs’. As soon as the user clicks this option, the attached file gets converted into a Google Doc compatible document and then the changes may be done as required.


Google Updates for Recaptcha

Tired of getting “Captcha” every time you search something or put a query? Google is retiring its current Captcha feature. For those of you who are not familiar with this term, Captcha is an anti-bot detection system that asks users to identify a deconstructed word for minimizing the possibilities of spamming. The reason for outing down the captcha service is the ability of bots to correctly answer the question. It has been identified that approximately 98% of bots are able to fool the captcha system.

The solution to this problem is quite simple. Google has now brought out a new verification method which involves marking a tick to prove that you are not a bot. This should help to make the verification process quite simple, and leaving the complex work to be executed in the background. Now this is an update that everybody would love.

Device Assist

Google Updates for Device Assist

Need an app that provides assistance for your mobile device? Google has brought out a Device Assist app for troubleshooting issues and offering special tips as well as access to Nexus, Google Play edition, and Android One running on Lollipop. This app is intended to provide alerts every time the setting is modified in such a way that it could negatively affect the performance of the device.

The app also has guides to various tasks and the correct way of performing them. If you feel that you are stuck somewhere and there is no possibility of coming out, then you can get in touch with Google Play support via call. For those who do not want to place calls, you can always submit the statistics of the phone to the support team for detailed troubleshooting.

News and Weather App

Google Updates for News and Weather App

The update for Google’s news and weather app brings brand new dark themes and other changes. This update should be rolled out globally soon enough. The dark theme (as shown above) can be activated by accessing the overflow menu. Major changes in the update include search option, new UI tweaks and bug fixes.

Android Lollypop 5.0.1

Google Updates for Android Lollypop 5.0.1

The launch of Android Lollypop 5.0 was itself a major event. Now that the world has gotten used to the material design of the latest Android OS, Google has already started planning for the next iteration of this operating system with Android 5.0.1. The interesting bit about the revelation of the latest OS version is that the company updated the Factory Images page to reveal a 5.0.1 built for the Nexus 9, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. This was done without causing much hype or bringing it to the knowledge of many.

It seems that Google is enjoying its approach of silently bringing out new stuff. In order to install the images from these pages, the devices need to be flashed before the installation may occur. This process does not involve the carrying of user’s data unless the same has been initiated by the user himself for backing up and restoring it later.

Chrome Beta

Google Updates for Chrome Beta

The new update for the popular browser, Chrome has been given few minor modifications which are basically reflected in the design. When you download this app, you would notice the address bar has been optimized for Android Lollypop devices. This includes the addition of options such as Merge Tabs and Apps which can be stretched to the full width of the screen. The app also enables users to use an all new bookmarks manager and a new password generator.

Google+ Update

Google Updates for Google+ Update

Google+ version 4.8 not only enhances the performance of the app but also brings in minor design changes which are similar to the ones made for Chrome Beta app. The “New Post” page has been revamped slightly where the “publish” button is now placed at the top section along with the menu button. This is a completely new approach as in the previous versions of the app, the publish button was placed at the bottom.

This update provides a new interface to the app which replaces the previous screen where the user had to select the preferred account. The interface has been made common for all and even those with a single account would be able to access it through this interface. The game detail page has also been revamped with the addition of an all new ‘View in Play Store’ and ‘Share’ options.

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