Mobile Users Beware! Chinese Smartphones Are Coming Preloaded with Malicious Spyware

Mobile Users Beware! Chinese Smartphones Are Coming Preloaded with Malicious Spyware

Chinese Smartphones are-coming with Malicious SpywareDid you know that your smartphone could be infected with malicious malware that has espionage abilities? G Data Software, a German Security firm, confirmed on Tuesday that a certain “cheap” brand of Chinese smartphones have preloaded malware in them which is pretty harmful and has the potential of leaking crucial confidential data. Customers are unaware of this threat as major online retailers are selling these smartphones so the users purchase them owing to the trust that they have in the services of the retailers.

The firm shared that it had found a highly malicious code that was hidden deep inside Star N9500’s propriety software. And this is not a setup of any kind. The firm had ordered the phone online just like any other customer and upon reviewing it, the malware code was identified. This is not a coincidental occurrence. Such incidents are being reported by customers and is indicative of a dangerous attack that could be made by hackers.

dangerous attack by hackers

To understand the gravity of the situation, the firm explored the programming of the device and found the malware code on the N9500 exposed the security so much that a hacker could easily access personal data, make rogue calls and even access the phone’s camera and microphone. And the worst part is that all of this data is sent to a server located in China. In a way, this phone was designed to steal information from users.

Smartphones stealing infromation

Can you imagine the dire consequences that this malware could have, especially if the phone reaches the hands of an important official or a person who manages finances? It would wreak havoc with irrevocable loss because the user would hardly come to know about the existence of the parasitic malware.

G Data spokesman Thorsten UrbanskiG Data spokesman Thorsten Urbanski stated that the company had purchased the smartphone after several customers had reported issues and complained about this particular phone model. Even though the team more than a week trying to trace the manufacturer, they were left empty handed. The problem was aggravated by the absence of basic information such as manufacturer name and contact details. Urbanski said, “The manufacturer is not mentioned. Not in the phone, not in the documentation, nothing else.”It seems the manufacturers were able to hide from the public without making it look too obvious.

review any smartphone before purchasing

The biggest mistake that people make is to assume that this situation occurs in rare cases only. The fact is that such issues have always been repeated and these incidents will continue to rise. The only way in which we can counteract the impact of these malicious entities is to thoroughly check and review any smartphone before purchasing it. Make it a point to check the manufacturer’s details before you even make up your mind. One can never be too careful.

Maybe the phone that you are using now is already infected! Think about it!

Infected Smartphone

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