You Can Now Play 2000+ Classic MS Dos Games on Twitter

You Can Now Play 2000+ Classic MS Dos Games on Twitter

MS Dos Games on Twitter

Have you ever played MS Dos based computer games? Of course I am speaking to a slightly older population group who have actually laid their hands on these classics. The graphic was nowhere close to the detailed render that we get today and it was basically a linear progression involving the use of pixelated frames. But the magic of these simple games still prevails and I am sure that if you had played them back in the good old days, then you would do anything to relive those precious moments.


Twitter has made it possible for people to relive and enjoy the classics, and that too in a simple tweet. Apparently, Twitter has brought out a feature that allows you to embed various forms of media into tweets, including old MS DOS format games. The internet does have a dedicated archive where such MS DOS based games are stored for others to use. These games can be saved or they may be shared on popular social networking platforms such as Twitter.



For this, you would have to link the particular game (from the archive) and share it via a tweet. Anyone who wishes to play the game can do so from the tweet itself. Check out the announcement of this feature by Chris. So if you would like to share your favourite MS DOS based game, you would have to do so from the archive.

Playable Internet Archive games into Tweets

This is a really cool way of playing classics without having to worry about system compatibility or getting the game in the first place. The archive has more than 2000 games just waiting to be played. The archive even has games like Metal Gear, Prince of Persia, and Wolfenstein 3D which offer a more modern gaming experience.

How to Share The Games Via Tweet?

Sharing a classic game from the archive is pretty simple. Just follow these steps and you should be able to tweet a playable game.

1. Find the game in the archive.

2. Click on the game

3. Copy the link

4. Paste it in the tweet compose field

5. Press send.

Loading of game in process

Loading of game in process (when user clicks it)

This will send the game as an embedded media in your shared tweet which would be visible across your online social circle. It is also possible to embed the games within the WordPress platform which would make them interactive and playable.

A Few Words of Advice

You could experience slight problems while trying to play the games because programs like DOSBox are not compatible with modern machines. However, there should not be any problem for most games. Also, try playing the games in full screen mode if you wish to spend a few hours with these classics. This will help to fix the “pixel issue” that usually occurs when playing such old DOS based games. Apart from this, there isn’t much of a problem with these games.

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