New WhatsApp Update for iOS Allows Individual Chats to be Muted

New WhatsApp Update for iOS Allows Individual Chats to be Muted

Yet another update has come for WhatsApp and this time it seems that iOS users will have a much deserved relief from constant chat notifications. It is safe to say that Android users have definitely been getting updates and benefits from WhatsApp which have kept them happy. Well, this time, even iOS users can rejoice as the new update allows them to mute individual chats.

The new WhatsApp update for iOS has brought the following features:

  • Video chats can now be backed up
  • Location can be shared directly on WhatsApp. Apple Maps can also be used to share location in the app. The shared location will show up as a map thumbnail which should be large enough to allow convenient reading.
  • Messages can be marked as read or unread. This is the feature which was being speculated some time back. The iOS version of the app requires a swipe to the right to mark the message. Previously, this gesture was reserved to show up options for deleting the conversation.
  • The “show preview” option has been disabled in the iOS update. This has been done to provide enhanced security and privacy in addition to reducing data consumption during calls made from the app.
  • Last but not the least, the WhatsApp update for iOS allows individual conversations to be muted.

In my opinion, the option to mute individual conversations, especially groups, should come as a relief to most users who might have found constant notifications irritating if the communication was not of much importance. As of now, the app provides three options for muting the conversation – 8 hours, 1 week and 1 year. Once the time has expired, you may choose to re-mute the conversation or continue getting the notifications for the particular conversation.

WhatsApp Update for iOS - Mute Individual Conversation

Swipe Left on the Conversation to Access the Mute Option

The mute option was previously available only for group conversations, but now you can do it for one-on-one conversations as well. It is also possible to customize chat notifications with specific alert tones being set for different contacts. It seems that WhatsApp for iOS is really getting spiced up. A few more updates are required to bring it at par with the android version which is much more convenient to use at the moment.

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