Nexus 9 Will Be the First Device to Get the Highly Awaited Android L

Nexus 9 Will Be the First Device to Get the Highly Awaited Android L

Nexus 9 with Android L

Nexus 9 with Android L

If you thought that the official release of the Android L operating system was the only big news, then you might not have heard about the Nexus 9 tablet which is scheduled for release today. The Nexus 9, codenamed the HTC Volantis, is the first device to get the full-fledged version of Android L. Google isn’t launching this in a big event. Rather, the company has decided to keep it quiet by sharing information about this via a blog post. Now this is something new.

The reason for not going with a huge press conference or a launch event is that the company is still fine tuning some of the features for its latest OS. In such a case, it would not be right on Google’s part to publicise an OS that is still being refined. This is why it decided to go with a blog post which is good enough for reaching out to android users globally.

Just because the device is being launched today, doesn’t mean that you can buy it today itself. If market reports were to be considered, then the device would be up for pre-order by 17th October with sales being commenced from 3rd November. These dates are subject to changes as per the status of the OS’s fine tuning and other factors that may be applicable.

The estimated features for this device are:

Nexus 9

  • Display:8.9-inch 2048×1440 display
  • Processor:64-bit dual-core processor
  • GPU:Nvidia Kepler GPU
  • Camera:8 MP (Rear), 3 MP (Front)
  • Design:Brushed Aluminium Frame
  • Weight:480 grams

A part from these specs, there are rumours that the device could include some characteristic HTC features such as the proprietary Boomsound technology and dual front facing speakers. These features have already been made available in the flagship models of HTC. But nothing is confirmed as of now.

The launch of the Nexus 9 tablet will bring Google in direct competition with Apple, which plans to release an updated version of the iPad on 16th October in a grand launch event. It would be interesting to see the changes that the new devices would get. As of now, developers have already discussed some cool features that have been made available in Android L, with the majority of the changes focusing on the “material design” concept. Initially it might appear as simple skin changes, but there is a lot that is happening beneath the skin.

Check out the following video for a glimpse into the top 5 features that you can expect in Android L.


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