Oppo Could Release N3 and R5 on 29th October in Singapore

Oppo Could Release N3 and R5 on 29th October in Singapore

Off late, the smartphone market has been hearing quite a lot about Oppo which offers handsets with sleek handsets. The previous offerings from the brand have been a success with users and the upcoming N3 and R5 models have generated high expectations. Oppo could be planning a launch for these two devices on 29th October in an event scheduled at Singapore.

The origin of the rumours for these two devices could probably be the teaser video which depicts two phones hidden behind the curtain. It is anticipated that the partially revealed devices could be the R5 and the N3. Take a look at the image below.

Oppo Could Release N3 and R5 on 29th October

There is no official confirmation about the identity of the devices hidden behind the curtain in the image. But the market seems to have a good amount of conviction of these devices being the latest offerings from the company. It is also expected that both of the smartphones would come with 4G LTE support straight out of the box. If this happens, then the R5 would become the slimmest handset in the market to have the 4G LTE support. This could prove to be a major game changer for the company.

You must have come across renditions of the N3 with a cylindrical rotating camera. This is NOT an official design as the images are the result of speculations that were driven by teasers of the camera module which the company probably circulated. The past few months have also seen various Chinese showrooms “leaking” the specs and features of the N3. Even GSM Arena joined in the speculation game to provide a glimpse of what the final product could turn out to be.


Check out one of the ads that created this sensation.

The only confirmation that are available at the moment, relate to the design of the new handsets wherein one would be composed of stainless steel while the other would be made of lithium-aluminium alloy. The reason behind the assumption of the rotating camera may be attributed to the fact that the advertising campaigns that are being used by the electronic stores in China, are indicating the presence of a 5.5-inch full HD display and a rotating 16MP camera. Let’s hope that for the company’s sake, this information turns out to be true.

The pricing for the N3 is being estimated at 4928 Yuan which converts to INR 43,000 approximately. Nonetheless, the phone could be received well in India considering the level of inquisitiveness of the consumers here and their willingness to try something new. After all, a rotating camera would definitely please the teens who love to take selfies!

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