Why Should You Opt for Tougher Tech?

Why Should You Opt for Tougher Tech?

For many gadget enthusiasts the world of rugged technology is reserved for industrial organisations that take on harsh weather conditions and extreme environments. However, unbeknown to many the use of rugged tablets, laptops and handheld computers can in fact enhance the consumer experience and streamline the efficiency of many commercial businesses.

Here we take a closer look at the benefits of harnessing tougher technology for consumers and small to medium sized businesses.

Take on any environment

For field based services and individuals whose love for adventure sports and exploration has got a little out of hand, rugged devices can offer the ideal outdoor accessory – but how rugged is rugged technology?

Whilst consumer-grade devices fall victim to high and low temperatures, increased vibration and water exposure, the robust exterior and tough internal components of rugged devices stand up to these extremities, offering excellent advantages for those looking to go further afield in their quest for business or pleasure.

Harness extended battery life

Extend the Battery Life of Your Smartphone

Compared to standard consumer gadgets, rugged devices offer unrivalled battery life in between charges. Many devices provide up to 10 hours of power, ensuring high performance when a power outlet isn’t in sight. The extended battery life of rugged tablets, laptops and handhelds ensures individuals on adventure holidays and organisations spending most of their working day in the field can communicate with home or office on the go.

Enhanced data collection for field services

data collection for field services

For field based services across a number of sectors, collecting data away from the office has always been a challenge and using standard devices can lead to inaccurate data entry and increased problems for both customer and company.

The enhanced features of rugged technology guarantees functionality and improved data collection wherever you are, and provides a high performance mobile system to transmit this data back to base for processing. Other features such as high-speed internet access, barcode scanners, digital rear / front cameras and magnetic strip readers ensure a high tech solution with unbeatable accuracy and performance.

Reduce repair and replacement

Reduce repair and replacement

Gadgets can be a great expense for both individuals and companies, and pushing your devices to the limit will increase the risk of costly repair and replacement. According to a recent study, the breakdown rate of consumer-grade gadgets is 50% higher than rugged device failure. Ruggedized tablets, handhelds and laptops are built to last, and designed to cater to the specific needs of each application to ensure you spend less time and money replacing gadgets in the long run.

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