Places Where Technology Was Not Needed At All

Places Where Technology Was Not Needed At All

Technology is involved in our lives in such a way that by some or the other means it has become a vital thing for humanity to survive. All the traditional concepts and beliefs which were once considered as the necessity for a living are continuously being diminished with the involvement of technology. No doubt technology has many benefits and advantages in every perspective of life. And, there is always a scope to make the good, better. What is the sense in over-improvising things which are already in a good use?

Is there such a need for technology at every place now? At the first place, technology was supposed to make life easier. But involving technology in place where it was not at all needed is not making life easier, moreover, we are getting dependent on it. Well, there are many such examples where technology was not at all needed but involving it, some brilliant pieces of mind have deprived gadgets and machinery which are good for nothing and seem to be funnier than being useful.

Electric Brush

Electric Brush - Technology

I am ready to believe we eat junk all day and if we do not take care of our teeth properly, cavities and tartar builds up. But I can certainly not believe that we will need a dental weapon to take care of it. Brushing our teeth is a very easy job that every human can do by himself. There was no need of providing the brush for operating electrically and making human lazier.

Self-Stirring Mug

Self-Stirring Mug - Technology

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This is just useless! How long does it take you to stir the sugar in your coffee? Or does stirring hurt your limbs? Probably, spoons were not available at the place or time, when this thing was invented. It’s possible.

Just a fact, spoons are been used from as early as 1000BC.

Gold Fish Walker

Gold Fish Walker - Technology

Yeah sure. Your Gold Fish needs a morning walk as she is having a bad stomach after last night’s dinner. Right? I wonder which beer the person drank to invent this thing. Gold Fish Walker – this even sounds really bad.

Electric Nail Cutter

Electric Nail Cutter - Technology

It is a battery operated nail trimmer, ½” long and spins at 500 rpm. This electronic thing trims your nails precisely and gently. Well, first of all, this can be a risky machine and can hurt you by cutting the cuticle. So overall, it can be risky, it is expensive and the job it does, I can do it better manually. Just another expensive piece of useless technology.

P.S. – It must have been whisky this time.

Snow Ball Maker

Snow Ball Maker - Technology

Wait a minute. What! This is just nothing but spoiling the child. Who does not want to play in the snow and make snow balls? Every kid wants to get their hands into the snow and make snowballs even if they aren’t perfect. But using a machine for this simple task? I am not sure why this gadget was even invented in the first place. Playing with snowballs are meant to be fun.

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes - Technology

A well-made nicotine replacement technique, but is it worth? E-Cigarettes have been here since 2007, which was invented to help people quit the addiction to nicotine. There have been a number of conflicting studies, researches and surveys on whether e-cigarettes are effective for giving up smoking and whether the devices act as a gateway for young people to transition into using tobacco. But none gave the result in favour.

And speaking about Tabaco, the immense pleasure which Tabaco gives cannot be found in any other thing. And certainly, E-Cigarette is not a way to make a person quite smoking. If a person really wants to quit, he or she needs to go into rehab.

Self-Revolving Ice Cream Cone

Self-Revolving Ice Cream Cone - Technology

There is nothing more refreshing than cold ice cream on a waffle cone. And the best part is, along with the ice cream there comes a challenge to lick it as fast as you can so it doesn’t run down the sides of the cone.

And here I see a Self-Revolving Ice Cream Cone. All this cone does is take away the best part of having an ice cream – licking all the way around.

Helicopter Ejection Seat

Helicopter Ejection Seat - Technology

I believe, if this thing exists then only Tom Cruise could use it in Mission Impossible 10. It’s clearly a suicide invention, which is made for rescuing the pilot but if he does use that option to save his life, he dies. I wonder who thought of coming up with this crazy idea. Worst of all, somebody actually went ahead and built it. How stupid can people be?

World’s end is near.

Morning Walker

Morning Walker - Technology

This machine replaces the morning walk. People go on walks to improve their health, enjoy the fresh and cool morning air, and feel energetic throughout the day. How can a machine simulate all of that? All you have to do is lay down keep your legs on the machine and it will start vibrating and gives a feeling of walking. So you can imagine that you are walking while you are lying. It seems rather perplexing why someone would make the effort to build such a thing. It’s promoting laziness, not a healthy lifestyle.

Foot Tanner

Foot Tanner - Technology

The last ones are always good. In this case, it is a feet tanner. This will make your feet so dark and leathery that you’ll never feel the need of boots again. I just don’t get the concept of foot tanner. Why would anyone (in their right senses) want to tan their feet? I am sure that no one would want to show their tanned feet in public when the rest of the body has a lighter colour.

I tell everyone, vodka is not good for health. It makes you do things which you should never do. Poor inventor. He must have been so high!

Failures are just the stepping stones for success. Don’t let them deter you from coming up with new ideas. Do not get depressed and keep inventing. Technology is our friend!

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