PMO (India) is Seeking Ideas for a Dedicated Mobile App

PMO (India) is Seeking Ideas for a Dedicated Mobile App

India’s booming IT sector has definitely placed it amongst the best places in the world for IT and communication services. With a $146 billion IT sector, India is well on the way to become one of the most technically sophisticated regions. When the corporate sector has adapted to the growing IT integration, why should the Indian government be left behind?

Hon’ble Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, said that the PMO is currently inviting ideas and suggestions from the public for developing a dedicated mobile app that would make the processes more mobile friendly for the masses. The current areas of focus are security, cloud services and apps. All of these key areas are defining the next-gen communication, convenient processing and data management, enhanced safety of personal data, and global / mobile access to information.

Mr. Modi has also recently overseen the launching of a website, MyGov, which is aimed at providing an unbiased platform for the public where they may share their views and opinions on current topics of importance, such as skill development opportunities, cleaning up the Ganges, ensuring security of working women, etc. This is just one of the initiatives taken by the new central government in India to put the country on the global map as a technically competent nation.

On the occasion of the development of the new mobile app, Mr. Modi said, “The faster you all (industry) make mobile apps, the faster you will capture the market. We need a revolution in mobile governance. We will launch a competition through to seek ideas for PMO mobile app.” The number of mobile users in India have risen dramatically within a very short period and the future potential of the country’s IT realm holds great prospects.

When it comes to app development and information services, the obvious choice for everyone is Google. The Indian government is planning to work along with Google for picking the best ideas / suggestions, following which the teams would be sent to the US for developing the app and making it a reality. This is the first time that such an initiative has been taken by the Indian government and it certainly indicates a positive move by the PM as it has allowed people to have a say in the way things work.

So what are you waiting for? If you have an idea for the PMO Mobile App and you have complete faith in it, then share your idea / suggestion here and you could be the lucky one whose idea is selected to be made into a fully functional app.

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