Possible Specs for OnePlus Two Revealed

Possible Specs for OnePlus Two Revealed

OnePlus Two Revealed

OnePlus One has created quite a stir last year with its high end features and decently priced smartphone. It had brought high end performance to the users in the mid-range segment and customers are pretty satisfied with this device. After OnePlus One, it’s time for OnePlus Two! The second version of the OnePlus flagship smartphone is being anticipated to boast an unprecedented set of specs along with an attractive price tag.

One of the most attractive features that is being expected from this upcoming smartphone is a fingerprint scanner that might come out to be better than Apple’s Touch ID. Recently there has been a lot of activity on Geekbench Test results, where specs of an unknown OnePlus device have been revealed. It may be possible that this is an upcoming variant of the OnePlus One, but if rumours were to be considered, then this could very well be the OnePlus Two.

According to the benchmarking report, the new device appears to be a OnePlus One but with a new model number (A2001). The original model number of the device is A0001. This indicates that a OnePlus Two device could be on the way. The tests also reveal that the next smartphone is armed with an octa-core processor, with each core clocked at 1.55 GHz. OnePlus One runs on a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, so the device is definitely an upgrade.

Result Information

(Source: Geekbench)

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had announced earlier this year that they were planning to come out with another device, in addition to the OnePlus Two. This new device is rumoured to be the OnePlus Lite. There is a possibility that the specs mentioned in the test belong to this new device instead of OnePlus Two. The presence of a 3GB RAM in the device also indicates that the new device could be the Lite version. As of now, no official confirmation has been received from the company so the rumours and speculations are all that we have.

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