Record Android Smartphone Screen

Record Android Smartphone Screen

The human brain processes visual information 60K times faster than text and thus making visuals always better than any other form of communication. You cannot forget anything easily that you have seen as compared to things that have been verbally communicated to you. Today visuals are used in education programs enabling students to better understand things.

One such form of visuals is screen recording which has become quite popular today. If you have seen video tutorials on youtube related to computers and phones, you must have seen the screen videos. Screen videos are a very effective way to show or display the exact maneuvering to tweak settings, install programs and many such operations that are very difficult to direct people verbally. Today, there are a lot of screen recording tools available for Android smartphones although, here we have picked one such app called DU recorder to explain to you how it works. DU Recorder is light, free, has no time limitation for recording and supports full HD video recording.

You could download the DU Recorder app from play store.

DU Recorder

Once you have downloaded the app, open it. On opening, it will give you options like ‘Record’, ‘Videos and Settings’, ‘Camera’ and ‘Screenshot’. Now, tap videos and settings and you could configure your video on the resolution, quality, and frame rate.

When you are done with all the settings, it is time to hit the record button and DU Recorder would start recording. You can start with your tutorial or process and anytime in between the same if you wish to tweak the recording options you could access the app’s widget.

After you are done with the video, you could trim it and also add background music and images. You could also merge multiple videos. All this could be found in ‘advanced options’.


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