Reinventing the Smartphone Keyboard App to Reduce Typing Frustration

Reinventing the Smartphone Keyboard App to Reduce Typing Frustration

Ask anyone about the single most frustrating thing about smartphones today, and you would probably get the answer, “These keyboard apps cause my fingers to ache so much ‘coz the keys are placed so awkwardly and it becomes even more difficult depending on the specific dimensions of the mobile. Sometimes, the autocorrect feature proves to be more of a nuisance than a help because the correction may not be what I intended to write.” As a resolution for these issues, new apps are being developed which would (hopefully) replace the QWERTY keyboard with an aim of reducing the auto-correct blunders and providing seamless typing experiences.

Minuum – A Revolutionary Keyboard App

Minuum A Revolutionary Keyboard App

One of these apps is Minuum, which launched for the iPhone and is available for Android devices. This app converts the entire messy keyboard into a single staggered line of characters so that it becomes fairly easy to type with a single hand or even with both hands. Moreover, this app is designed to learn the typing habits of the user so that the predictive text may be aligned specifically to the user’s preferences.

Will Walmsley, co-founder and chief executive officer of Toronto-based Whirlscape (creator of Minuum), shared his opinion on the concept behind the development of the keyboard app. He said, “Your fingers are very large relative to the size of your screen, so the first thing we do is assume that everything you type is sloppy and that you’re making mistakes all the time.” Kids nowadays have gotten used to the keyboards and various keyboard apps, but even then the auto-correct mistakes can be rather embarrassing, especially when we hit the send button without even glancing at the text.

The app uses a unique algorithm that senses and analyses the general area that the users are typing and this helps the app to predict the words. Once the app has made the prediction, it offers upto 10 options so that the user may chose the one that is most suitable. The app significantly reduces the space used by the keyboard and this results is more screen space. Moreover, the reduced area also results in less requirements to move the fingers up and down. This is immensely beneficial in reducing the causes for aching fingers.

This app costs only $1.99 on iPhone and $3.99 on Android and is available globally. As of now, this app only supports Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Russian. However, there is a possibility that there could be more additions in the future.

The Future of Virtual Keyboards for Smartphones

Virtual keyboards have certain constraints, mainly the screen space available and the size of the device in which it is installed. Only through innovation would this barrier be broken and new designs would be created for facilitating convenient typing and comfortable handling. Apart from hitting each key individually, a glide feature has also become rather popular where people only have to glide their fingers from character to character in a standard keyboard configuration and the app would predict the words. It all depends on the way app developers are able to fine tune the predictive capabilities of the app so that less blunders are made and the overall experience is rather comfortable for every user.

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