This Is A Crazy Review Of

This Is A Crazy Review Of

Over the years we have witnessed a change in the webhosting market. A lot of new companies have entered in the market and they are providing quality services at a very reasonable price in order to compete in the market. Hostoople is a webhosting provider that has been in the hosting arena since 2003. This hosting provider offers reliable hosting solutions at a very cost effective price. Hostoople offers various types of hosting options including shared hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, business hosting and cloud VPS hosting.

Review Of Hostoople

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Hostoople offers 3 different types of shared hosting plans namely Tbasic, Medium, Advanced. The most popular plan out of all the plans is the Medium plan. This plan costs $10 per month and is most suitable for websites that are slowly expanding. The Medium plan incorporates 5GB storage, 100GB bandwidth and round the clock customer support. On the contrary , the Tiny plan costs $35 per year and includes 250MB storage space  , 5GB bandwidth and 24/7 customer support. Review Of Hostoople  The most costly shared hosting plan that is offered by this hosting provider is called the Super plan. This plan costs $30 per month and is most ideal for large websites. The Super plan incorporates 500GB bandwidth, 25GB storage space and 24/7 customer support.

Reseller plans

If you want to start your own hosting business then you should consider choosing Hostoople’s reseller hosting plans. This company offers 3 types of reseller plans namely Small, Medium and Large. The Small plan is the cheapest plan and is most suitable for individuals who are just starting out their reselling business. The plan incorporates 30GB bandwidth, 30 hosted websites, round the clock support and 3GB storage space. On the other hand, the large plan is the most expensive plan. This plan costs $35 per month and includes 10GB storage space, 100hosted websites, 100GB bandwidth and 24/7 supper.

Business hosting

Hostoople offers quality business hosting to small and large businesses. Large businesses can sign up for the Enterprise plan which costs $20 per month. This plan is most suitable for websites that generate heavy traffic on daily basis. The plan incorporates 300GB storage, PCI Compliant, round the clock supper and Dedicated IP. Review Of Hostoople Meanwhile, small businesses can avail the Small business plan. This plan costs $40 per month and includes 20GB storage , FREE SSL certificate , Dedicated IP , PCI Compliant , 200GB bandwidth and 24/7 customer support.Review Of Hostoople

Affiliate Program

Hostoople offers attractive incentives to all its affiliates. With its affiliate program you can make endless amounts of cash. The signup process for the affiliate program is also simple and straightforward. Once you are a registered affiliate of this company all you have to do is start referring new customers. Hostoople’s affiliate program is totally free of cost to join and it also offers a 60 day session cookie.Review Of Hostoople

Customer service

I can only use one word to describe Hostoople’s customer service, Exceptional! This company offers round the clock customer support 365 days a year. Its customer support department can Review Of Hostoople be reached via phone, chat or email. Moreover, Hostoople’s customer support staff is very friendly and helpful. All in all I am very satisfied with this company’s customer support and so are thousands of others.Review Of Hostoople


The bottom line is that Hostoople’s popularity as a hosting provider is increasing day by day. Thousands of new customers are choosing this company as their ultimate hosting provider due to its efficient and reliable services. Review Of Hostoople  To learn more about Hostoople  Check out Shared Hosting Plans

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