What Rumors Are Saying About Google Nexus 6

What Rumors Are Saying About Google Nexus 6

In the Smartphone market, fans are always looking for new gadgets. This explains the reasons why most Smartphone users are all over the internet are trying to secure the latest news on release dates of several gadgets. When it comes to rumors on such gadgets,Google Nexus 6 is with no doubt one gadget that has got fans talking. This is attributed to the fact that, the gadget is expected to have new stunning applications that most Smartphone users have been looking forward to. One of the things that will be sustained in the 2014 version is with no doubt the build template. This is what has given previous versions an outstanding classy look. Users can therefore expect a sleek, light and sexy build in this new gadget.

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Secondly, Google Nexus 6 is expected to have a massive battery rating for longer operating hours. With this feature, users can be sure to have a single charge last them for a long period of time. As a tradition of Nexus, the latest device always features the hottest Android menu. If this tradition is anything to go by, then we can expect this gadget to feature Android 4.5.

One of the things that people tend to talk about for any anticipated device in the Smartphone market is the price. When it comes to Nexus 6, things have not been any different. Fans are already speculating how much they will be charged for this gadget. However even with the anticipation about the prices, low device price has been known as Google’s unique signature. This therefore shows that even for the new gadget, users can expect a pocket friendly rate for the Smartphone. According to most websites availing information on Nexus 6, its price is expected to be $300.

As far as resolution is in question, users can expect a phablet-standard screen at 5.9-inch in Full HD 1080p. In addition, sound clarity will be greatly improved given the fact that, the device will feature G Pro 2. For people in love with photography better shots can be anticipated. Picture quality will also be enhanced in places that are poorly lit, given the low light sensitivity sensor. For safety, Google Nexus 6 will have an encrypting tool Content Lock – the G Pro 2’s way of protecting files will keep them for the user’s eyes only.

Other than the above listed features, users can also expect a 64 bit processor that will enhance the speed of performance. This will be an improvement from the 32 bit processors that have been used in the previous versions of the Nexus series. This way, users will be able to save on time to quit a large extent. For storage space, users will now have all the space they need with the 3GB RAM feature. Given the above features, users can be sure that,Google Nexus 6 will be indeed a Smartphone to look out for as soon as it hits the market. With the phone, users will be guaranteed of an out-of-this world Smartphone experience.

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