Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 receives Firmware update in India

Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 receives Firmware update in India

Samsung has recently rolled out some of the software updates for Samsung Note 5 and Galaxy 6 edge+ in India. This update promises to improve performance and deliver the latest security patches for Android and also brings back the Note 5’s text detection feature.

It is expected that both the devices will receive update of around 100MB in size, with a change log that is similar to the first OTA that rolled out. The change log offers improved call quality, improved security along with battery usage optimization. In addition, it also includes the general Android security patch for the month of November. The updates comes with the build number N920GUBU2AOK3 on the Note 5 and for Galaxy 6 edge+ the build number will be G928IDVU2AOK8.

For most of the users the update informations will pop-in, but in case it dose not or you miss it, you can check for the update by heading to Settings > About device > Software update and hit the update button to access this update. The notification update shared by Sam Mobile shows that once the device is updated, user will not be able to downgrade it due to changes in security policy.

Note 5 users will also notice that OCR, the text detection feature built into Smart Select, has also returned. Samsung has also eliminated an issue that could cause the device to lag. If you have one of the Galaxy devices listed above, you will receive the this update over-the-air or via Samsung KIES app. Or you should search for it manually fro within the software update section in the settings.

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