Samsung Galaxy S6 Expected to Launch in the Indian Market in Mid-April ‘15

Samsung Galaxy S6 Expected to Launch in the Indian Market in Mid-April ‘15

Samsung Galaxy S6

The global launch for Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S6, is just around the corner. Plans are underway to unveil this Upcoming Smartphone at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) 2015 which is scheduled to be hosted in Barcelona on Sunday (1st March). After a year of speculations and rumours, the flagship device will finally reveal itself at the convention and end the speculations once and for all. Quite a relief, right? Not completely.

The rumours have not stopped as of now. The latest round of “reports” claim that the device would be launched in India around mid-April. Even IBN Live has stated that the handset would be up for pre-orders and bookings from March itself. However, the registration for this device would be open for only a few weeks, so if you are interested in getting your hands on one of these smartphones, then you need to be quick.

What’s New in the Galaxy S6?

Galaxy S6

Source: Daily Mail (UK)

As of now, there is no official confirmation on the specs, designs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S6. But if rumours were to be believed, then the new device has everything that Samsung needs at the moment to boost its presence in the global market. The S6 is expected to be a powerful smartphone with great value for money and exceptional features. If you consider the Indian consumer mentality, all of these factors go into the decision making process for buying mobile devices.

Samsung has also (apparently) revamped everything, including the hardware and the software. This could prove to be a turning point for the company which is losing out to stiff competition from brands like Micromax, Xiaomi, and Gionee. Moreover, with Google backing Micromax and Gionee through the Android One program, it has become even more difficult for Samsung to cut through the competition. Recently, the company also lost out on its share in the Tablet segment. This means that Samsung’s hopes of making a comeback, especially in the Indian market, depends on the success of the upcoming flagship smartphone.

Specs and Features

The following is a list of the expected features that were released as part of the rumours surrounding Samsung Galaxy S6.


The company could go for a premium looking all-metal design with the galaxy S6. Even the teaser video released by Samsung Official gives a slight about the use of an all-metal design. This will bring it at par with current flagship devices such as Apple’s iPhone 6 and HTC’s M8.


The camera is expected to receive updates and this is an obvious upgrade considering the rise of selfie loving individuals and amateur photographers who love to click away with their smartphones. In keeping with this, the front camera could get a high-res 5 megapixel camera for sharp selfies, while the rear camera would sport a 16 or 20 megapixel camera.

Samsung’s DongHoon Jang wrote in a blog on the company’s official site that “the new camera experience on the company’s next flagship “will be intelligent and do all the thinking for users” allowing for pictures to be taken “under any conditions.” This is clearly indicative of the fact that the company is taking steps to break the common (misconceived) notion that camera megapixel value is directly proportional. With the new low-light image capture technology, Samsung should be able to reach out to camera loving mobile users.


Earlier this month, Bloomberg had reported that Samsung could bring out two variants of Galaxy S6 where the S6 variant would have a flat screen (like other devices) and the S6 Edge variant would have a curved display. Now you would be thinking that the Note Edge also has a curved side.

But Samsung won’t simply repeat a previous design. The teaser video makes a reference citing that “borders will disappear”. This has further strengthened the rumoured spec that the phone would have a three-sided display with both the right and left side tapering a little.

In terms of screen resolution, the S6 could feature a high-res QHD display which would be an upgrade from the 1080p display that was provided in the S5. While the 3 sided screen will definitely be a USP for Samsung, it would be interesting to check out the benefits that may be reaped out of this particular design.


Samsung may be manufacturing processing chips for other brands, but it has exclusively utilized Qualcomm chips to power its Galaxy smartphone line. Apparently, Samsung would not be using the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset for the S6.

This decision may have been driven by the all-metal design and the risks of overheating of the device. A report published in Bloomberg supports the elimination of Qualcomm processing chips from the latest flagship device. Instead, the company could make use of a 64-bit Exynos 7 Octa chip or something that is similar in terms of configuration / processing capability.

The Exynos 7 chip is believed to have “20 percent faster speed with 35 percent less power consumption”. These new power packed chips have been brought into production since last week. So now, at least on a processing level, Samsung would be able to compete with Apple.

Mobile Payment Feature

Samsung has been trying hard to bring out mobile payment services like Apple, but it has not been able to achieve much success. Even the integration of PayPal in S5 did not work out well. All of this could change with the S6 as Samsung has recently acquired LoopPay’s (a Boston based start-up) mobile payment technology.

The advantage of using LoopPay’s system is that it incorporates the existing magnetic stripe readers that are available in most retail outlets for swiping credit / debit cards. According to LoopPay, its mobile payment technology works with 90% of currently existing POS terminals at retail outlets. This is significantly more than the number of places which have compatible systems for Apple Pay.

The company has also improved its fingerprint scanner to allow the users’ fingerprints to be read by simply tapping the tips on the scanner instead of swiping across. If Samsung manages to pull this off, then it could gain considerable leverage in the Android community with a bionic ID system that is capable of competing with Apple’s TouchID.

Software / Operating System

As with all other devices in the galaxy series, Samsung will (in all probabilities) stick to the Android operating system with the custom TouchWiz skin put on top of it. So you can expect the device to come with Android 5.0 (lollypop) out of the box. In addition to the latest OS, the company could also provide subscriptions in the form of a free one year plan to Office 365 on the S6.

Samsung will be partnering up with Microsoft for providing Office Mobile as a pre-loaded app in its Galaxy series. This is not the first time that such benefits have surfaced. There have been similar benefits provided in the previous devices, but it was definitely not a full year free subscription.


The pricing of the previous S-series devices have placed them at the top of the smartphone range. So it is but obvious that you can expect this device to be between INR 50k – INR 60k. The S6-Edge variant can put an additional 5000 – 10,000 rupees to the cost of the smartphone owning to its “advanced screen design”. This pricing is based on the basic storage variant. For high storage variant, the price could be even higher, to the point that it could compete with the iPhone 6 plus. But that remains to be seen. We would be able to get a better understanding of the pricing once the official confirmation for the same is provided Samsung.

Possible Complications During Official Launch

There should not be any problems with the standard variant of Samsung‘s Galaxy S6 during the launch. However, there could be a problem with the curved Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. These issues pertain to yield during the launch as there is a heavy demand being expected from it. It won’t be much of a problem in India. But in other international regions which have contract based plans, this could be an issue which Samsung needs to be prepared for.

The supply of the curved display might be limited owing to the manufacturing challenges associated with the complex design. This is an expected situation whenever a new technology is brought out on a commercial scale. However, the low supply issue is not one which cannot be managed. In time, when the company is made aware of the exact demands, it could start shipping out more units with curved displays. Apart from this, everything should go smoothly with no hindrance at all.

Would you buy the Galaxy S6 or the galaxy S6 Edge when it supposedly comes out in India in mid-April? Do share your views on this upcoming smartphone in the comment section below. If you are not fan of the galaxy series, then let us know which high end smartphone appeals to you.

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