Samsung Plans on Regaining Lost Market Share with  Premium Materials and Hi-Res Smartphone Displays in Upcoming Smartphones

Samsung Plans on Regaining Lost Market Share with Premium Materials and Hi-Res Smartphone Displays in Upcoming Smartphones

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With the advent of Upcoming Smartphones such as Micromax and Xiaomi, Samsung has lost a considerable chunk of its market share to the competition. The company has been trying its best to come out with innovative products in the premium segment, but not much can be said about the other price segments. In such trying times, Samsung has planned to leverage the use of premium materials and high-res smartphone displays to make a much needed comeback in the market.

The need of the hour, according to Samsung’s officials, is to focus on premium offerings and visually stunning displays. Since the company can no longer play their cards with respect to the size of the smartphones, it has decided to focus its efforts on achieving a slimmer design with metal casings and high resolution displays. It has also started working on improving upon its curved display (notably present on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge). Samsung’s mobile chief Shin Jong-Kyun shared with Bloomberg, “Samsung Electronics aims to consolidate its leadership in the premium market and plans to newly change the smartphone lineup to strengthen competitiveness.”

If this works out, then the new strategy would prove to be a life saver for Samsung which recently reported the first drop in annual net profits in 3 years. Metal casings and curved displays are already being implemented by the company. The company’s first smartphone to sport metal frames was the Samsung Galaxy Alpha that was launched in the Indian market last year. The acceptance of the metal frame amongst Samsung’s users paved the way for enhanced applicability of the component to upcoming smartphones.

There have been several rumours claiming that the company has received more than 20 million orders for the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. The exact figures would be known in the days to come. However, the company did receive a good enough response for its latest offerings in the smartphone market. This could signal the dawn of a major change for the company.

If the focus on metal frames and brilliant displays works well with the users, then Samsung could make a comeback as one of the leading brands in the market. Till then, we can only speculate the course of action that would be taken for boosting profits as well as customer base.

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