Secrets Finally Unveiled at the Google I/O 2014

Secrets Finally Unveiled at the Google I/O 2014

Google I/OA lot of speculations were being made with respect to the developer’s conference, Google I/O, which was supposedly rumoured to introduce new updates to the Android operating system and supporting apps. The conference may not have given us the new OS now, but it did reveal some really cool stuff which have definitely gotten the interests of the tech community as well as the general users. Check out the new products which were revealed during the keynotes in the conference.


good quality android devices google

Google announced the introduction of a new set of hardware reference platforms which has not only opened up a world of opportunities for the company’s partners, but it will also enable manufacturers to develop devices faster than before while keeping the costs relatively low. The intention behind this introduction is to provide good quality android devices in upcoming markets so that users will be able to enjoy the “android” experience.

Google will begin the programme from India and announced that it has already roped in Micromax, Karbonn and Spice as initial partners. The company has claimed that the specifications for the Android One will keep the pricing of the devices under $100 which is fairly cheap. Moreover the devices would be powered by stock android, where independent manufacturers can app their own custom apps but they need to be careful about not diluting the user experience.

Android Wear

Android Wear OS

LG’s G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are smartwatches that would be interated with the Android Wear OS. Not only do these watches tell time (which is pretty obvious), but it also helps you to connect with your smartphone for getting notifications and checking apps without even laying a single finger on your phone.

And in keeping with the latest trend of health apps, these watches have sensors built into them which enable them to monitor your personal health stats and can even give you information such as the number of steps that you have traversed in a day.

Android OS Smartwatches

Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch

The Samsung Gear Live is currently priced at $199 and will be made available for pre-order in a few days on the Google Play Store. The G Watch (priced at $229) will be available for pre-order from Google Play starting June 25 in 12 countries including United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea and Japan. The company is also planning on making this product available at retail outlets soon in 27 markets such as Australia, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore and Russia.



The Chromebook has been Google’s baby where the company has always tried to integrate the best services which would offer greater convenience to its users. With the launch of the new Chromebook, users will now be able to receive calls and see the notifications of their smartphones on the device itself.

Moreover, you would be able to open the apps of your smartphone on the Chromebook. In a way, the company has faded the lines between the laptop and the phone which have now become capable of working in tandem with each other.

Android ‘L’

Android L

Less than 15% of the global android based smartphones have received the Kitkat OS update but this has not diluted the enthusiasm of Google with respect to the development of further updates to the Android OS. The upcoming “L” version has been integrated with a new layer known as Android Runtime (ART) which is expected to double the performance capabilities if the operating system.

Google has also changed the interface to the extent that it is being referred to as a “Material Design”. The new interface will feature greater depths and dynamic animations made possible with the use of shadows and virtual lighting effects. After all, it’s all about the visual appeal.

Check out this amazing video which describes the possible features and capabilities of the new android OS update.

Android TV

Android TV

It seems like Google is bent on touching our lives in more ways than we thought possible. With the introduction of the Android TV, you can use your smartphone, tablets, and smartwatches as remote control devices. And with the integration of the Android software, you can expect your data to be shared between these platforms with enhanced connectivity options being established between them.

Why did Google decide to enter the television segment as well? The answer is pretty simple. The company wants to provide users with the exceptional android experience on the biggest screens available in your house and / or office.

Android Auto

Android Auto

Google’s Android Auto is a straight out competitive strategy for competing against Apple’s CarPlay. The company has worked upon a suitable interface which would create a whole new hands-free Android experience to your vehicle’s navigation system. The moment you connect your android smartphone to your car’s system, the Android Auto feature will kick into life.

With this amazing application, car driving will be extremely fun as it would allow you to get navigation directions, dictate text messages and even make / take calls. You won’t even have to take your eyes of the road. The Google Now style has been adopted for this application and it is being hoped that the public will display positive reactions to this amazing new technology.



Google did not release any specific news about this device during the event, but it was indicated that the Chromecast could be upgraded to project your android device on to your television screen. The lack of supporting apps has always been one of the foremost weaknesses of this streaming media stick. But with the possible improvements on their way, the device would finally be able to perform as per expectations.

What Should You Expect

This year’s Google I/O was definitely an event that should not have been missed with a lot of new products being announced that have the power to change our lives and change the way we perceive possibilities today. Only time can tell the success or failure of these products. Until then, we can only hope that the products are able to deliver the expected outcomes. If everything goes well, this could be one of the most productive years for the search engine giant as it adopts a diversification strategy for its products lines.

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