Significance of newly upgraded Google Authenticator

Significance of newly upgraded Google Authenticator

The main significance of the newly upgraded Google Authenticator Version 2.5, is that it is a completely new application which is not only available to users of Google apps but also all Gmail users, who could generate the advanced features on their Control panels.


Google Authenticator Version 2.5 is not an update of previous versions, but is essentially a new application in itself, that operates independently of its previous versions. Usually web-based apps do not carry such software programs and even PC running on original versions of Windows XP still rely on updates generated by Microsoft.

Google Authenticator Version 2.5

Google Authenticator Version 2.5

Thus, being a stand-alone version it is necessary that all previous versions needs to be deleted before this app could be effectively installed. While uninstalling the older versions may seem tedious, it is necessary to avoid future slow running programs and major cuts in speed and connectivity.

The flip side is that many users complain that since there is not much difference between two versions, it does not warrant or justify new application. However, Google Authenticator does not wish to compromise user security and protection and hence this new strategy. By enforcing the upgraded versions into their systems, users are indeed doubly protected against attacks on their privacy and security which may be otherwise compromised or lost on a minute’s notice. Besides, one of the main benefits of this version is that it does not need network connection and is actually recommended by Google to all users who seek connections to their account via Smartphones.

Other prominent features of latest version of Google Authenticator are that :

  • It could be used even in Airplane Models
  • It could be gained in different languages
  • It is programmed for one-time use- next time, another unique PIN has to be generated

2- Step Verification systems:

One of the prime functions of Google Authenticator is to preserve the security and safety of Google Account, considering the disastrous consequences that could result if PIN security is every compromised, or cracked by hackers, virus and malware. Indeed that is the reason why Google Authenticator believes in 2-step verification, or doubly reinforced security. While the first step is the user name and password of the user, the second layer is in terms of an extra layer of protection and security protocol which requires users to enter a unique and special Personal Identification Number(PIN) that is provided on request by Google. This unique PIN would be generated only once and would be sent to your mobile through voice, text or mobile apps. It would be necessary for your( or anybody for that matter) to type this number to enter your account and thus makes security doubly safe and secure.


Indeed, the major importance of Google Authenticator is that identify security and protection are carried to the next level and major security ensures that only true owners of accounts are allowed to enter their legitimate accounts and does go a long way in ensuring privacy, security and confidentiality through upgraded 2- Step Verification systems.

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